Life, Love, Poetry

So Gentle and So Graceful as Loving You

(About a 1 minute read)

I have seen the skin-chilling gaze
Of a mountain lion sizing me up,
spotting my vulnerabilities,
Assessing its chances of killing
Me quick and sure.

And I have heard a lion
Scream in the night
From a few feet away
But seen only its eyes.

It sounds like a woman’s scream.
It tears at you
Like a woman’s scream.

I have seen beautiful women
Half my age offer themselves
To me vulnerable and naked,
Yearning for a more mature man.

I have seen Venus
Like a shinning silver bead
Hung above quiet purple waters
In the evening dusk
On a day I wanted to die
With the fading sun.

I have been left with nothing
But the courage of my spirit,
And have abandoned
My home for a city
Where I knew no one.

But of all that I’ve done
Of all that I’ve seen
Of all that I’ve felt
It is your fate to kiss,
To press your lips
To my heart as we pass
Form our todays
Into our tomorrows

Nothing has ever been
So gentle and so graceful
As loving you, little one,
As loving you.

You who have come
Like a breeze across my skin
Close enough to care.

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