It Does Not Make a Person Superior

It does not make you superior that I am inferior.  No, it does not.

It’s a lie we hear all of our lives.  It’s an illusion we seldom see through.  But please see through it now.  See through it for two reasons, if you will.

First, we are all in this together.  We didn’t ask for it, but that’s how the world is.  And the weakest link in our chain is naturally everyone’s weakness.

You are not even superior to other life.  If it dies off, you die off too.

And neither are you superior to dirt.  With dirt you are also dead.

Second, this ranking of superior and inferior — it’s no more profound than an illusion of consciousness. It’s an illusion just as our tendency to dissect things, to analyze them into parts, and then call those parts greater than the whole, the real truth of the matter — it’s just like that’s an illusion of consciousness too.

Have you ever known the dissected organs of a frog to be greater than the frog?  Have your ever known the law of supply and demand to be greater than a myriad of individual economic transactions?  Have you ever known the concept of humanity to be greater than the people themselves?

Your greatest weakness is identical in worth to your brother’s greatest weakness.  Your notion that you are inferior to your sister is merely an illusion of your consciousness.

Why persist in this myth?

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