Paul’s Silly Pet Peeve of the Hour

A few folks each day click on an old post of mine, “Is Masturbation Spiritual Suicide?“.  I don’t think I mentioned it in the post, but it was inspired when I ran across a preaching man who described masturbation in precisely those terms.

Now, I don’t enjoy going around hating things.  I’m too old for that. I no longer find many self-hypnotizing thrills in seeking to discover foolish ways to look down on things in order to solidify my knowledge of myself as superior.

Guess I’d better cancel that job application now that I submitted to Fox News last week for a News anchor job.  They won’t be calling me now anyway.  Trust me: I’ll weep about that just as soon as I finish this post.

Anyway, my silly pet peeve today are the obviously stupid “truths” of certain preachers, mainly fundamentalists. Truths like “masturbation is spiritual suicide”.  Anyone except the village idiot can see that it is not, and I do not like it when people take advantage of our nation’s village idiots that way.  They don’t deserve it.

Beyond that, what is with those guys, anyway.  The preachers, I mean.  It’s as if they have not a single genuinely valuable thing to say about anything.  They’re vapid, inane, and exploitative jerks.  I don’t hate them.  I don’t want you to hate them either.  They are not worth that.  I don’t even want us to look down on them.  Just learn from them what not to do.

But are they not appalling?


Questions?  Comments?  Hotel room keys?  Panties suggestively tossed on my soapbox?

4 thoughts on “Paul’s Silly Pet Peeve of the Hour”

  1. My favorite is the hypocrisy of these people. They see sex EVERYWHERE. They could watch Thomas the Train and decide that one of the characters is a pervert. Come on… who’s really the pervert here?
    I am reminded of the principal of my fundamentally Christian school. One of the students was playing “Hotel California” and he played the riff and looked happily at the principal and goes, “Recognize that?”
    The principal said, “‘They stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast…’ are you sure that’s a very godly song to play?” and poor Ben’s face fell.
    I didn’t have the balls or the quick wit to call him out on it then, but… the principal clearly knew all the lyrics. And made Ben feel bad about his little song. What an asshole.


    1. [sarcasm] The principle most likely only learned the lyrics by heart so that he could help guide students like Ben away from the song, don’t you think? [/sarcasm]

      As for Thomas the Train — reality has already caught up with that. Wasn’t it Jerry Falwell who declared that the Smurfs were homosexuals, and someone else had some words about the Power Rangers perverting kids.

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      1. Those homosexuals are the worst. Before you know it, they’ll sex you and turn you into one. Like a zombie plague. And then where will we be? In… in a terrible world. Everyone gay n stuff. So many concrete reasons to fight it. And it all started with those damn Smurfs.


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