Against the Next War

We Are Now Ten

First we were one. Then seeming within a breathless moment, Matthias joined.  After that, we were seven. And now, before a full week has gone by, we are ten.

Please read the poem, “Against the Next War“.

Then join us in solidarity against the next war.  You know one is coming, right?  It will not cost you a thing to oppose it.  Not a thing.  But it just might do some good in this world.  What are you waiting for?

Simply post a link on your blog to the poem.  You can even write something of your own to go along with the link.

Please act now!











7 thoughts on “We Are Now Ten”

  1. Writers of the world unite!

    Bring me my pen of burning gold,
    bring me my paper of desire,
    bring me my brain, o’ clouds unfold,
    bring me consuming words of fire.
    I will not cease from mental fight
    nor will my thoughts sleep in my hand
    till we achieve our quest for peace
    across the seas in every land.

    William Blake, please drop your bow of burning gold, and pick up your pen.
    Join us..


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