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How to Rape Love

(About a 3 minute read)

Some scientists now say that our dogs love us.
Love us with the purest love.
If they do, I’ll bet they love us
More often and better than we ourselves love us.

We so thoroughly erect barriers to love.
And so soon in life, by the time we’re pubic
We’re more often seeking to be loved,
Than we are to love anyone else.

So curious how our language turns “fuck” two-faced:
“Let me fuck you”, but “Don’t you fuck me”!

I can say some things
That won’t matter now to most of us.
How often we abuse
When we don’t love.
How often we manipulate
When we don’t love.
How much sorrow we create
When we don’t love.

It’s just a game we play for so many of us,
But we lie we never heard we could be players.
We lie again we do not lie.
It’s everyone else who lies.
The liars! They spoil it for us!

We take a glass to make the sun burn other hearts to ashes.
Ashes that we keep in jars on our mantles
So that we can sentimentally sigh to our guests,
“Pity me, become my lover, for I have suffered loss in life
Of the ones I loved.” Sentimentally sigh like spiders
To the flies they intend to trap. “Come near to me in pity.”

We make a cult of virgins — they’re easy to exploit.
We even turn pretty hair into something to be pulled.

We pluck the flower, pressing it to dry between pages,
So we can gratuitously cry how cruel love is to us,
For it gave us memories we cannot seem to escape.

We sanctimoniously say, “Love conquers all”, but take pride
That we ourselves have conquered love,
Tallied up and notched our belts with the times
Some damn fool loved us. I’ve bedded more women than you.
Men tumble to me, I’m beautiful.

In the hours that we rape love
Our lives bleed out to putrid corpses,
And then we have the gall to complain
We are bored with him, bored with her,
Bored with ourselves, unhappy,
And we feel meaningless.

The irony here is you need your petty life affirmed
By someone else’s love. You cannot affirm yourself.

Here’s a secret, a secret you hide from yourself,
A secret you deny even now.
Even now when your days have turned to night.
I’ll whisper it now though you will disbelieve:

Your life has turned petty
Because you have refused to love.

In the end, it was not him or her,
It was you who raped your life.

If you’re rare and you want better
Don’t waste time blaming others,
But begin by looking inside.

Tear down the barriers you have thrown up!
Make yourself open and vulnerable!
Become your fearless child,
Too innocent to lie.
Burn again with unclinging love.

Yes, I know the rain might pour in
(And it probably will now and then).
Yes, I know that means you might suffer
(And you probably will now and then).
Yes, for a time you will feel lost
As you tear down the horror-house
Fortress you have built
And once claimed guarded
All your meaning and truth.

But you already suffer, and greatly so.

In perfect vulnerability is amazing strength.
In perfect openness is wisdom.

Nothing but love itself is more resilient,
Nothing but love itself
Shines with more light.

7 thoughts on “How to Rape Love”

  1. A very hefty piece, and I mean in regards to clout than length. Some interesting viewpoints, and kudos for no shying away from certain words in fear of scaring the reader. I actually felt throughout that it was teetering on the offensive (in the wider scheme, not to myself), only to underline the point even more. I like the clever wording, and it sticks out well. The message underscored at the end seems to absolve the uncomfortableness in the fact that it all comes from a supportive and loving place.
    Glad I got a chance to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I was worried it was too aggressive, too in your face. But I was writing with a bit of anger . Not as much as it might seem, but enough to show, I think. I hate it when people abuse other people’s love for them.

      In the end, I think I was preaching to the choir because you never win converts by getting pissed off at them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it’s good to be passionate if it’s coming from a good place. And it showed in the post. And was a good balance of passion and sense. Never apologies for your writing, you can’t please everyone. Fortunately, you pleased me 🙂


  2. Oops! I don’t want to die so soon.
    Jokes aside, I love this. I have always found loving so easy and wonder why people, as you put it, ‘rape love’ !
    Very in your face and thought provoking.


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