Our Age of Deep Stupid

Have you heard about deep time?
That’s time so deep it’s unfathomable.
We’re talking billions and billions of years.
Not even Hawkins or Einstein could tell you
That they ever could imagine it.

Well, we live in an age of deep stupid
When no one no matter how smart
Can fathom the willful stupidity
Of at least a quarter of our planet.

You can give them reasons.
You can give them facts.
Your argument can mount up as solid
As the muscles on a lumberjack.

But it won’t matter, it won’t matter at all.
They’ll say it’s all irrelevant,
Or that the truth is relative.
They’ll claim your facts are false
Then they’ll counter with lies instead.
And what they cannot rationalize away,
They’ll simply dismiss, rinse and repeat.
You cannot beat them at that game.

We live in an age of deep stupid
And in the time it took to read this poem
The planet grew from a quarter
To a full third of people dumber than
The pimples on their butts.

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