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“It Would be Nice if You Could Find a Donkey Mask to Wear”

TERESUMS: Hello, Police? I’d like to report an American blogger to your international fraud unit.  Sunstone.  Paul Sunstone.   For sure, he’s dangerous.  Tell the SWAT team to go in shooting.

PAUL:  Is that the way you always pick up your phone these days.  I’m can block caller ID, you know.

TERESUMS: Why are you calling this time?

PAUL: Just now posted. Mostly thoughts about play and playfulness.  Go time how long it takes to read them.  Chop! Chop!  And while you’re at it, send me some playful nude selfies.  Full spread! No facial shots — too much of a turn-off.

TERESUMS: I’m going to eat you someday, Paul.  Some blissful day, I’m going to crunch your bones between my teeth.

PAUL: I’ll be waiting for your email.  Remember: Full spread, and it would be nice if you could find a donkey mask to wear.

9 thoughts on ““It Would be Nice if You Could Find a Donkey Mask to Wear””

  1. I was impressed with the fact that you warned your readers who long your posts took to read.

    “How kind of that nice man to let me know how much time I’d be wasting, reading your posts when I could be getting rid of the last of the grisly evidence, chopping up the flesh to flush down the toilet, grinding the bones,” I thought.

    Now I find you get your poor, longsuffering friend to do it. Nudie selfies are one thing, but this…

    Bad man.


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