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All I Want From You Now

(About a 2 minute read)

I recall now the night you and I
Were up on a mountainside overlooking
The San Luis with its eagles and its elk,
Lying naked side by side in warm water.
The chill in the air made the starlight
Falling into your dark eyes dance.

Do you remember our first kiss?
Of course you do! How could you forget:
I got out of the truck
To hold the door open for you,
You walked past me a full step in the snow,
A full step
Before you suddenly turned,
Took my face in your warm hands,
Pulled me down,
Pulled me down
Gentle as falling snow,
Pulled me down
To your trembling lips.

For a year, I called it,
“The most passionate
Kiss of my life”.
Then a year later
You gave me better,
You gave me the best.

That night you came looking for me
At two in the morning with Steve
And a milk jug full of scotch and soda.
We walked down to the foot bridge
Over Fountain Creek and lay down
So we could “Fuck the moon.
The saucy moon.” Steve said.

Later, back at my apartment,
Lying on the living room carpet,
When I rolled your way and kissed
You wrapped your gentle arms
Around my neck and parted your lips
In uncommon desire, I thought.

I placed my hand on your taunt belly
To stroke it, but my fingers slipped
Beneath your jeans and panties,
And my tips touched your public hair.

An electric shock went off in me
Like a shotgun blast. I was yours
To keep that night, had both of us
Not been so drunk
We failed to see our chance.

I writing to you tonight
Not to move your heart near me,
Not to entwine your body with mine.
Not to propose we get back together.
Not to turn you merely nostalgic.
I don’t even care to curl your toes.

All I want from you now
Is you blow me one kiss
The next time we pass on the street,
Me with myself and you with Steve,
The man that you married in the end.

2 thoughts on “All I Want From You Now”

    1. The woman in the poem is a composite of three young women — all twenty years younger than me — who I knew some years ago. The woman who got married — same one whose kiss was electric — is the one I still keep in contact with. Both her husband and her are among my best friends.

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