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The Great Goddess of Love

(About a 3 minute read)

My young friend, you tell me how your love for him
Has sprouted, will grow into an oak
Forever rooted firm; how you want him
To be your first and to be your last;
How you will never want another;
And how your heart makes all these rules
And not your head.

I know you’re in love, that I do not doubt,
But have you looked at love?

Have you made a study of her character
And her personality?

Have you dispassionately observed her ways?

The sapling you water and tend today
Is not the oak that you’ll in future find.
Today your love has few branches,
Shoots straight for his sun.
But soon she will branch-out:
That’s her nature, you know.
And her branches will grow thicker
Than your warm and tender thighs.
Much thicker even than your ideals.

No, I do not say you ever must leave him
(Though if someday you must, then you must),
But know that while her trunk is him,
She’s just as promiscuous as you today are not.

Yes, if you wish keep yourself body-loyal to him,
There’s no wrong in that,
But open your heart wide to love.

Love is the universal solvent, the cosmic subversive
Who can and will dissolve all the barriers
Of class and clan, of race and sex,
Of wealth and poverty, of religion and philosophy,
Of politics and personality, of character and ideology,
Of morality and ethics, of principle and indifference,
Of age and youth, of caste and nationality —
All the barriers
That we humans can and have erected against her.

She scarcely notes those things in passing.

Though a few of us love only once,
Most of us only tell ourselves we do.
And just as the sun shines
Equally upon fools and on sages,
She bestows her riches
Both to legal and illegal loves.

My young friend you are too young
To have seen with your still unclouded eyes
That she alone of all the gods
Is fully capable of renewing your life
When you have grown tired and jaded of it.

Love born in you is more than an emotion,
She’s an affirmation of all of life,
Of both the flower and the thorn,
Of both the lion and the deer,
Of both the breeze and the storm,
Of both the body and the spirit.
It is only through love we are renewed,
It is only through her we are reborn.

Yes, I know I am calling on you
To open your heart so wide the rain can come in
(And yes it will now and then),
And I know when it does you will suffer and ache,
But the best balm for wounds to love
Is to love again.

Let her raise up mighty branches in you!
Climb up among her leaves until your spirit
Is ecstatic with the height,
Until you can touch the clouds
And summon the lightning from them!

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