Paul’s Daily Half-Dozen for September 3, 2018

When and how did you first realize you were in love with your partner?

(Alternate question if you have no partner:  What is the soonest after you meet someone that you would expect to discover you were in love with them, and what do you suppose would first clue you into the fact?)

What mood, if any, does mention of “Thursday” put you in?

Would you prefer to have a fox, a rabbit, or a snake as a pet?

Would having two lovers, rather than one, be twice the work as one, or more than twice the work?

If your partner were to form an emotionally intimate, sexual bond with someone online — that stayed online, and did not stray into offline life — would you consider that cheating on you?

How many average-size slices of pizza can you eat at one sitting?

I'd love to hear from you. Comments make my day.

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