Paul’s Daily Three for September 6, 2018

Would you prefer to sit beside a small waterfall or a small lake?

What is your favorite large non-predatory animal?  Your favorite large predator?  By “large”, fox size and up.

Is there such a thing as “spiritual suffering”?  If so, what is it, and how does it differ from physical or emotional suffering?


4 thoughts on “Paul’s Daily Three for September 6, 2018”

  1. Tough questions today, Paul. Except for the first. I prefer waterfalls. They remind me of how tremendously powerful water can be when properly harnessed and focused…

    Favorite large predator has to be any of the great cats, with a particular fondness for cougars and panthers.

    Large non-predator? Not sure, really, though I’ve been drawn alot towards deer lately.

    Spiritual suffering? Not sure that’s a quick answer kind of question, but it might be a great topic for a blog post.


  2. waterfall–i am a moving water kind of gal

    gorilla & grizzly bear.

    hmmm. spiritual suffering. i know emotional suffering. but yes! spiritual suffering… it is the way i feel when i see garbage thrown onto the ground, entire mountains removed to dig for coal, entire species wiped out so that we can have toilet paper to wipe our asses.


  3. SMALL: False choice scenario, one can easily have both. I choose both.

    LARGE: Ta-tonka for the non-predator; lately I have been hearing that the bison are growing greatly in numbers this year, commercially and otherwise, and it does my heart good. Bobcats, for the other. They are not huge, but they are larger than foxes, and they cheer me up. A rare but not unseen component of our local ecosystem, so I always feel lucky on days when I run across one.

    SPIRITUAL SUFFERING: Originates in the steps of one’s spiritual progress; ascension is not always comfortable. If one is suffering in the spirit, I would expect mental and physical manifestations of that, the three are always intertwined.


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