Paul’s Daily Three for September 12, 2018

Who are the most predictable and the least predictable people you know?

Do you shower or bathe more often than you feel you really need to?

What’s your most offbeat religious idea?

6 thoughts on “Paul’s Daily Three for September 12, 2018”

  1. Even the most unpredictable people (like people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder for example) become predictable in their unpredictability.
    Despite the reputation of French people for being less than inclined to wash, I shower every morning and bathe every evening.
    I don’tn’t have any offbeat ideas.


  2. “Do you shower or bathe more often than you feel you really need to?” No. I take a ‘sponge bath’ every day, but I do not like to shower or bathe. Hubby is the opposite- he cannot sleep at night unless he’s taken a very long, very hot shower. We tease each other about this- he won’t go camping with me because he’d miss his shower, while one of the things I love about camping is that I DON’T HAVE to shower!


  3. One of my lifelong friends is predictable in his unpredictability. Another has been predictable and reliable for decades.
    I don’t think it’s good to overdo showering, I mean you have to clean up a bit, but your skin/hair has essential oils that protect your skin/scalp, etc. If you have to shower everyday I think gentler soaps/shampoos are probably better.
    I stand to learn a lot from the universe if I can only ask the right questions. So for me religion is about finding the right questions rather than obtaining immediate answers.


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