Paul’s Daily Three for September 19, 2018

Roughly how many miles are there between you and your best internet friend?

Who is the easiest going person in your life?

Did you ever play with fire and it get out of hand?

13 thoughts on “Paul’s Daily Three for September 19, 2018”

  1. I’d have to decide who my best internet friend was before I could answer the first question, but my geographically closest internet friend is 98 miles away.

    My nephew, Robbie, aged 30. Incredibly ethical, gentle, thoughtful, helpful, intelligent, funny. Brilliant company.

    One of the fires I started burnt for twenty years, and pretty much everybody in sight got singed. The experience taught me to dig a fire pit.


      1. I wish I could tell you I was a pyromaniac who burnt down villages – at least that sounds interesting, unlike the fact, which is:

        I gave up a good man to be with a bastard. By the time I realised my mistake I was so entangled that I didn’t know how to extricate myself. That’s when he really put the boot in.


  2. 1) Many thousands

    2) It’s hard to know how easy going someone truly is unless you know them very intimately. People who SEEM easy going may not, in truth, be. People are pretty good about just showing their functional side, while hiding a huge bundle of anxiety, worry, and who knows what else. That said, I feel that my candidate for ‘most easy going’ must be people I know very, very well. And the winner is… my sister Lynn. She is very wise and insightful, has a wicked sense of humor, and can come up with a workable plan to face any crisis.

    3) um… literally or figuratively?

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