Paul’s Daily Three for September 20, 2018

Who is the worst thinker you personally know?

How old is the oldest thing in your wardrobe, and does it have sentimental value to you?  Do you still wear it?

Which do you prefer: Cake or pie?  Which kind of cake or pie is your favorite?


16 thoughts on “Paul’s Daily Three for September 20, 2018”

  1. Probably myself, I’m an old fashioned thinker, like the statue “The Thinker”
    Definitely Carole’s old fur coat, it was her grandmothers, so it’s well over a 100 years old, and I’ve never worn the coat, It’s been hanging in my wardrobe for 36 years…..
    Cheese-cake. but I love a good old Aussie meat pie


    1. I find it very hard, based on the evidence I’ve seen, to think of you as a poor thinker, Ivor. You’ll have to do better than that to fool me. I wasn’t born yesterday!

      I’ve always wanted to sample one of those famous Aussie meat pies.


  2. “Who is the worst thinker you personally know? OK, so the young woman who is the worst thinker I personally know has an excuse because she has mental health issues, but none the less her bad thinking drives me nuts (to the extent that I have little contact with her any more). In spite of her mental health issues she is intelligent, so I suppose that causes me to expect her to behave/think in a less annoying way. The biggest thing that turns me off is her ingrained propensity to manipulate/take advantage of people. Which she did to me. Which is why I don’t have much contact with her.

    “How old is the oldest thing in your wardrobe…?” I may possibly have some things that are older, but the garment of which I write wins the prize for being the oldest & most regularly worn of my clothes collection. All of my clothes last a long time because 1) I sew my own clothes, and thus they are top quality in both construction and fabric and 2) I have maintained the same body weight (with very little variation) for decades so my clothes from long ago still fit. pats self on back The garment of which I write was not a sewing project, but a crocheting project. It is a top, cream colored, sleeveless, and simple in style. It is constructed not of yarn, but of heavy string. The stitches are small, and it took a long time to create. I created it in early 1986. I have no real sentimental attachment to it, other than the fact that I am proud to have created it so well, and it’s been with me through such a lengthy segment of my life.

    Pie or cake? Um… both? 1-2-3-4 cake and apple pie.


    1. I’ve got a friend just like the one you describe, Carla. She has a mental disorder, is intelligent, and manipulative. She’s never gotten too manipulative with me yet, but I’ve seen her really go all out with a few other folks. I wouldn’t call her a real friend, either.

      My second wife sewed her own clothing too. There was a time when I could have talked the technical details of sewing with you, but that was over two decades ago.

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      1. Sewing and My Manipulative Friend have a connection: One of my friend’s issues is ‘sensory defensiveness’ whereby she can only tolerate the feel of very specific clothes against her skin. Not only the fabric, but the fit must be perfect. The clothes she can tolerate she wears to shreds. So… her clothes were in shreds & she asked me to try to make her a pair of pants. After a couple of trial pairs, we found that I could make pants that suited her. Though I like to sew, this was not entirely pleasant for me because she is SO hard to please. Even the pants she ended up liking she had initial complaints about. And I did all this for free, though she said she would pay me for the materials (though she never did). I finally told her I would make no more unless she paid me a nominal fee for the materials. I have not heard back from her…


  3. The worst thinker I know is one of my neighbours, who also happens to be the older brother of my daughter’s husband. He’s so stupid that he thinks he’s in love with me – worse than that, he can’t accept that I’m not in love with him. His problem is that he’s too lazy to think. He gets a silly idea and he can’t be bothered to revise it.

    Rich, dark chocolate cheesecake, or a really firm, freshly baked lemon cheesecake with any one of about twenty toppings and no preservatives. Or chocolate roulade, which is a cake. Or lemon meringue pie. Or all of them.

    The oldest thing in my wardrobe is an embroidered waistcoat that my dad brought back from Bulgaria when he was about 20. It was old then – it had been repaired in several places. He was born in 1913. The oldest thing I wear which I bought new is a sweater. It’s 10 years old; the last new garment I purchased (apart from underwear) before making the decision to only wear second-hand, for ecological reasons.


    1. First — and most important — I looked up “chocolate roulade”. Expect a visit from me this week, just as soon as I get in shape to swim the pond.

      I like your decision to wear second hand clothing for ecological reasons. We all need to be more environmentally conscious these days. It’s become key.

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      1. Working in a charity shop, it’s easy to buy second hand, and it saves me going to boring stores. If I need a new saucepan, I wait till one shows up in Oxfam. I read about 2 novels a week. I pick out good books that are too tatty to sell, and give a donation. Everybody wins except the capitalists – and the author..


      1. It’s one of the trials of living here. I’m the least repulsive woman on the block, so I get a lot of male attention. Each guy has one single topic. One man starts with “I wouldn’t do you any HARM, Jane.” I want to say “Too right, mate – try anything and I’ll kick the shit out of you.,” but I bite my lip while he elucidates. I get this two or three times a week. Then there are the others: “By the time I pay my bills there’s no money left” (a lie), the bloke that talks about his dog, the three who talk about their health, and there’s a woman who wants me to know how kind she is. Sometimes two of them will talk, at length, at the same time, each expecting my full attention It’s like being surrounded by four year olds. I think they find me mysterious and exotic, like, cos I’s a writer, like.


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