Paul’s Daily Three for September 26, 2018

Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

What natural, unprocessed food tastes most like meat to you?

What’s the strangest article of clothing you’re willing to wear in public?

12 thoughts on “Paul’s Daily Three for September 26, 2018”

      1. As long as it doesn’t have “I’m not at think as you drunk I am” emblazoned across it. Some years ago they were selling as fast as stolen Levis. Everyone who got one thought it was hilarious and the manufacturer laughed all the way to the bank.


  1. FRIEND:
    I never had imaginary friends, although I did get my real friends into a lot of imaginary situations.

    Either oyster mushrooms or jackfruit. Not sure which, it has been a while since I had either of the above without any sort of seasoning or cooking.

    My winter hat. It has tassels!


  2. Loads of imaginary friends, but none as amazing as the ones my daughter had. Among them: Prince Freddie of Ohio, who looked just like a Japanese maple tree and walked all the way from Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA on his roots to have sleepovers at our house… and he always shook the dirt off his roots before entering our home.
    Mushrooms sauteed in balsamic vinegar.
    Fairy wings. I’m even available to perform wedding ceremonies when I wear them… but not if I can’t wear them!


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