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A Progress Report on my Paintings

I’m still on break from blogging, but I just have to tell y’all this.  I came up with what might be a great idea for a painting today just by … looking out my window.  Yeah, the same window I have looked out a thousand times before.

Only thing was, in the past, I wasn’t looking out the window in search of compositions to paint.  Today was different.  I glanced out the window and was immediately struck by something I saw.  “That might work”, I thought.

Strange how it’s not just a matter of looking.  It’s as much or more a matter of what you’re looking for.

12 thoughts on “A Progress Report on my Paintings”

  1. Thank you so much for your interest! Of course I plan to show my work as soon as I have anything finished to show. What inspired me — of all things — was a berry laden tree branch immediately outside my window. Only yesterday did I notice that it would make an excellent subject for a painting.

    I’ve been exploring compositions ever since. Last night I painted a “background” for the tree branch and then realized that it makes a nice painting even without the branch. So now I have at least one canvas almost finished from yesterday’s inspiration and I’m hoping for more Mona! I’ll show it when it’s finished. It’s a new style for me.


      1. When I started studying graphic novels and trying to draw comic art, everywhere I looked I could see graphic novel pages. The buildings were more interesting and beautiful; I’d never cared for buildings before.


      2. It’s fascinating how what you say is so true. Drawing (and painting too) give us new eyes. I didn’t see how beautiful conventionally “ugly” people were until I took up drawing again. There was a time, when I was very active at it, that I thought I was falling in love with the whole world.

        I can imagine how rewarding it was to discover so much beauty in buildings.


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