Paul’s Daily Three for October 1, 2018

Are you happy with the economy?

End all wars, or end all diseases?  Which would you choose?

Some scientists say the first human to live to 150 has already been born.  If so, is it more likely that in the future super-longevity will be exclusively for the rich, or for everyone?  And will people be likely to spend their days any better then than people do now?

12 thoughts on “Paul’s Daily Three for October 1, 2018”

  1. If the Bilderbergs get their
    way, the worlds poulation
    will be reduced to 500
    million ( for environmental
    reasons ) and the richest
    of the rich will live to 200+.
    I had to laugh at such nonsense
    till I saw who was on the
    membership list.


    1. I wonder what future generations would think of that? Would they see the reduction of the earth’s population to half a billion a good thing? A bad thing? It’s hard to tell, I think? I’d sure hate to be one of those “reduced”.


      1. The machinations of morally
        bankrupt men.
        It will never happen.
        But I have noticed the armchair
        moralists of Hollywood have
        latched onto the idea … Curious.
        Several recent movies have
        latched onto this idea. From
        Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’,
        Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’, to the recent ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.
        It’s actually a declared policy
        of the Greens, to dramatically
        reduce the world population,
        for enviramental reasons.


      2. Very scary! But in an odd way, at least understandable too. Over population seems to be a threat to so many things, and there only natural end in sight is a die off when it becomes too great to support.


  2. We were meant to live and die. Not just physically but mentally. Our lives tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. By living to a ridiculous age of 150 our lives would be overkill. Kind of like season 12 of The Big Bang Theory.


    Happy? I feel like the economy is too big and abstract to have a subjective opinion about that means anything. Like having an approval rating for a hurricane.

    Diseases. They kill a ridiculously larger number of people, and torture them first half the time. But I do note that wars are a major cause of epidemic disease, and untreated mental illness in politicans has led to many unnecessary wars, so really, eliminating one problem would surely help with the other.

    The toys always filter down eventually. I feel like I have a decent guess in mind for the sort of person who will be the first 150 year old, though. Whether anyone will spend their days better I have no idea. Presumably, everything will be more crowded, so perhaps not.


  4. On a side note, BEING a 150 year old sounds awful. Like, if you did it now, you’d have been born in 1868. What would you have in common with most people you meet? What would you even talk about?


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