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What Does it Mean to “Live Fully”?

SUMMARY:  An attempt to offer sage advice on how to live a fuller more fulfilling life.

(About an 8 minute read)

Like most sensible Americans these days, I do not often wonder if there’s more to life than quality Balinese Donkey Porn if there’s more to life than sex, shopping, and sports.  “What possible fun could there be in doing so?”, I ask myself, “Does thinking more deeply about the subject come with any coupons?”

Those are admittedly powerful reasons not to go down the rabbit hole of unnecessary inquiry.  Unfortunately, the ever annoying Teresums has once again proven herself insufferable by asking me what it means to “live fully”.

Worse, she refuses to take “no” for an answer because, near as I can figure it out, some depraved socialist professor at her university has got it in her wretched head that she might actually have a reasonable chance at happiness, rather than the mere pursuit of happiness through sex, shopping, and sports.

So this morning, I shall attempt to satiate her bizarre lust to live life more fully because — if I don’t — she’s just going to get more and more annoying about it.  Trust me, I know her.  She will.  She’s been corrupted by one of those education thingies the fundamentalist preachers are always warning us about.

Now the first thing to notice about living a full life is — oh, I don’t know — maybe that it cannot be accomplished merely by filling your days and nights with exciting activities and new electronic toys.

That might sound counter-intuitive because of all those magazine articles you read that suggest that for a full life, all you need is to do or buy things — things that the advertisers in the magazines happen to be selling at reasonable prices truly affordable only to millionaires.

Sad as it is, you could acquire a lifetime of Amazon river travels combined with a mountain of electronics and yet feel empty inside.  Inside being where you always feel empty.  I mean, no one ever feels empty on the outside, and when you ask random pretty women at parties just why that is so, they always look at you like you’re some kind of nutter who has just come from the lady’s aisle at the clothing store where he’s been fondling the panty selection — as if there’s anything actually wrong with writing your phone number into the crotches of those things.  I mean, have you noticed that?

But I digress.  The fact is that — if you really, really do want to live a full life — and in my opinion, only a perv like Teresums would — you’ve got to start inside the crotches of panties in the lady’s aisle inside yourself.

Furthermore, you can’t just start any old where. You have got to start by figuring out what your talents are.  Talents are predispositions to something, such as a predisposition to athletics, or mathematics, or music, or people skills, or — god help you — spirituality.

Contrary to what many people think of themselves, nearly all of us are born with a few talents in life, even if our talents are so seemingly commonplace that we are simply in the habit of overlooking them.  For instance, a whole lot of folks don’t think of their natural aptitude to parenting as a talent, but if that’s what they’ve got, that’s what it is.

Now in my hugely esteemed opinion, one of the greatest possible tragedies that any individual can suffer in life is to fail to recognize his or her talents and thus most likely be thwarted in realizing them to any appreciable degree.  So it’s key — absolutely key — that you figure out as early as possible in life what your talents are.

Easier said than done.  For reasons I won’t much go into, it can be honestly hard to discover what your talents are.  But this might be the best way to do it:  Begin by listing all the things you can think of that come more or less easy to you.

For instance, my own list begins:

  • Sex
  • Fornication
  • Foreplay
  • Masturbation
  • Donkeys
  • Pizza

Now look hard for patterns.  For instance, you might discover that many things which could be lumped together as “concerning logic and mathematics” come easy to you.  That should tell you the general areas in which your natural talents lay in.

Hold your donkeys your horses, though!  We aren’t finished yet.  The second or third step is to make a list of all the things you can do with those talents that are both socially and environmentally responsible. You might need to conduct a little research, or at least ask around, to make much of a list, but make a list.

Don’t worry at this point whether anything on your list can earn you a living.  Just make sure that your list only includes things that are socially or environmentally responsible.  For instance, you might understandably want to list the thrilling occupation of “serial killer” to your list, but — contrary to what one might naturally assume — that would not actually be socially responsible, even if your only victims were politicians.

Well, maybe if they were politicians.  That’s kind of a grey area.  But you get the point — socially or environmentally responsible.

Now before you go riding your donkey off into the sunset, do one more thing.  Figure out whether there is any need for the occupations on your list.  Again, do not worry if the need or demand for your occupation can earn you a living.  For instance, my list includes, “Quality control specialist for a band of traveling professional toenail painters”, but that’s unlikely to earn me enough money to even once in my life buy airplane tickets to the island of Bali where I would conduct scientific research into local animal husbandry programs.  Still, it’s on my list.

So here are the steps so far:

  • List everything that comes easy to you.
  • Look for patterns or clusters of similar things that point to an underlying talent.
  • List socially and environmentally responsible things you can do with your talents.
  • Figure out if the world actually needs any of those things.

The last thing to do is to realize your talents.  That is, turn them into needed skills — or at least fun skills.  Sometimes, you might not be aware of how the world could use your skills, but I have noticed that if you work to develop them, ideas will come to you sooner or later.

Now, it is much less important to earn a living at realizing your talents than it is to realize your talents.  You can always — if you must — realize your talents through some hobby in your off work hours.  Over the years, I’ve been told by many Indians that is what they do.  They might have a talent for music, but their economy makes it exceptionally risky for them to plan to feed themselves as a musician, so they get a degree in, say, chemical engineering and play in a band as a hobby.

But if you have a skill that can be turned into a cash cow, congratulate your luck — you just might become the happiest man or woman in your community.  A millionaire friend of mine once seriously told me he’d have been a street sweeper if that is what he’d have felt fulfilled doing, provided only that he could support himself working as one.  But that he was hugely grateful to learn he had a genius for finance.

As for myself, my talents for art and writing bring me an immense sense of self-fulfillment.  I deeply feel I’m living almost as fully as I can just on realizing those two talents alone — and despite that neither one makes me money.

Which brings me to my last point.  Passion in life.  Passion is closely tied up with living a full life, and in my experience, genuine passion can be made possible through — in large part — finding your talents, turning them into needed skills, and then pursuing them in whatever ways you can.

Naturally, there is much more to living a full life than can be gone into in a blog post, but I think I’ve covered the basics well enough to satiate for at least a few days Teresum’s bizarre lust for quality Balinese donkey porn guidelines to a full life.  Hopefully, this will get her off my back long enough for me to go back to sex, shopping, and sports.  If it doesn’t I’m going to do what any respectable American does when things don’t work out as they should.  I’m going to sue someone.

Questions?  Comments?

10 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to “Live Fully”?”

  1. A very enjoyable read! and quite highly aligned with my own thinking for a while now (minus the donkey fixation – i’m more into the beauty of Poppies myself, photographing them in particular. If it were not for the fact that every man, woman and her donkey has a camera with them at all times and swamps the interwebs with them i might even think of trying to turn it into a living – i’m getting rather good. (As said by self!))

    My current post comes at it from a ever-so-slightly different angle – but it heads into the same direction, but with less instruction. Thanks for that! 🙂


  2. ‘They might have a talent for music, but their economy makes it exceptionally risky for them to plan to feed themselves as a musician, so they get a degree in, say, chemical engineering and play in a band as a hobby.’ Now this is absolutely true 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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