Paul’s One Big Question for October 5, 2018

Please Note: I’m thinking of each day asking one “big” question about any subject under the sun.  The questions will be designed as best as I can to be thought-provoking without, however, requiring an advanced degree to answer.  They will differ from my “Daily Three” mostly in that they will not be personal.  With that in mind, here’s the first “big question”:


If aliens were to visit the earth for the first time in their history, what, if anything, about humans would most stand out to them as notably wonderful or marvelous?

11 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 5, 2018”

  1. If aliens were to visit the earth for the first time in their history, what, if anything, about humans would most stand out to them as notably wonderful or marvellous? – Well, it depends on what the aliens value, but i see aliens believing civilisation as an achievement of humans, perhaps due to it being rare and indicating the use of our intellects and collective consciousness. It may also be interesting to them that we have learned to adapt to almost every land region on Earth.


    1. That’s a very, very interesting answer. Especially for a notorious harbor slut. I hadn’t thought of those things. I especially like your remark about our adapting to every land region on earth. Of course, now that I think about it, aliens would indeed want to know how adaptable we were.

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      1. Yes, adaptability is a useful trait, no matter how you see it. 😀 What were you thinking in regards to the answer?


      1. Well, you said it was thought-provoking, but you need not be a genius to answer them, so I wasn’t thinking anything too crazy, and you said it was not to be personal, so immediately my mind came up with questions such as;
        • Is rain the tears of clouds?
        • What is self-worth, and can you really live an honest life with a poor sense of self-worth?
        • Can rational thoughts spin from irrationality?
        • If I succeed at failing, am I failing or succeeding?
        • How come we say ‘tuna fish’ sometimes, but never really say the animal classification in other foods?
        You know, all of the important questions.

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  2. This question is impossible! Whatever is most normal for the aliens, the opposite things that we do might be most wondrous to them. Maybe that we breathe oxygen. Maybe that we breathe at all.
    But we’re still trying to put aliens in a human skin (heh, gross). We can’t even know if they would have a sense of what is wonderful or marvelous.

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  3. I’m wish Fresh Hell on this. Wonder is a relative thing.

    In Mary Doria Russell’s book “The Sparrow”, humans become captivated by the ethereally beautiful music they record coming from a planet of Alpha Centauri; convinced that it is the music of the angels, the Jesuits pull some crazy financial shenanigans and manage to be the first organization to build a space ship to travel there. The missionaries arrive and, though their initial interactions are okay, eventually everything turns awful, most of them are killed, and it turns out that the inspiringly beautiful music was in fact the alien cultures version of… pornography.

    Aliens would probably be captivated by something it would never occur to us to think of as remarkable, and completely unimpressed by our great poetry and landmarks and so forth. Rumi might be popular on inspirational posters, but there’s only so many accolades people are willing to give to the intellectual and philosophical accomplishments of another culture. True wonder is often over more seemingly practical matters. Europeans exported iron cookware. They imported tobacco.


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