Paul’s One Big Question for October 6, 2018 (Revised)

Please Note:  This is the revised version of my “One Big Question for October 6, 2018”.  Earlier today, I put up another version, but — impossible as this might sound to my beloved readers — I screwed up.

Specifically, I wrote “humility” when I should have written “pride”, and thus really, really messed up the question.  GULP

After taking a closer look at it, I have decided the only solution is to take down the original post, and post this revised version of it.  Unfortunately, that means also taking down three answers.  So especial apologies to Isabella, Teresums, and “All About Life”.  Sorry for that.

With that said, here is the revised question (Which is now very different from the former question):


What is the value of self-esteem?


This question was inspired by a comment by Marysa, who blogs here, made on yesterday’s question.  If you have question suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments or email them to me.

6 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 6, 2018 (Revised)”

  1. I’m not sure here about a value on self-esteem, If you’ve got some you’ll feel ok, but if your self-esteem is low or zilch, you feel like a piece of worthless shit, and I’ve been there, up and down and back up a few time over this life span of mine, so I’d say self-esteem is worth shit loads of shit, to living a better quality of life,

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  2. Well, Self-esteem to me is essential to being a properly functioning human being, as it creates a sense of confidence. Self-esteem can also make someone be true to themselves. They can be authentic in their own way as they have a “confidence” in accepting themselves. Having too much confidence is bad, but having no confidence, a low self-esteem, is just as bad or even worse.

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  3. I am good enough.
    How much you value the previous statement reflects how much one values self-esteem. And I agree with Teresums, it is essential to the human condition. I find that forming self-esteem does not come from age but from maturity and acceptance of self-responsibility.


  4. What Ivor said, although I wonder, is self-esteem meant only as a human quality? Do crows have the equivalent of self-esteem, for example? And how important are humans, anyway? If we think of humans as something that we ought to get rid of, then human self-esteem would only get in the way, as humans with high self-esteem would be harder to eliminate… I think? From that perspective, the value would be low, maybe?


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