Paul’s One Big Question for October 8, 2018

How would you define consciousness?  Alternatively, what is one attribute or characteristic of consciousness?

11 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 8, 2018”

  1. I’m going with Gina’s answer. Being in the moment is rare for so many. Not only in today’s world but in the past. We are planning or waiting but never living in the moment that we have. It takes effort but it’s worth it.


  2. I’ve thought about this a lot and don’t really have a concrete answer, but i do think that consciousness is the ability to piece together every sensory detail going into the brain into one big picture and connect it with memories and opinions. In short, it’s the ability to think.


  3. 1) Well, there’s human consciousness… it happens when we humans are awake and all of our finely tuned neuron networks are up and running… I wonder what other consciousnesses are like. For instance, the consciousness of God. Or the consciousness of a tree. Or a dog. Or a ghost. Or a galaxy. 2) Attribute. The consciousness knows, it knows something. It has, to a greater or lesser, bigger or smaller degree, a wisdom.

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  4. I remember exploring this very issue in Philosophy lectures and tutorials when I was at uni. It confused the hell out of me at the time, being just a young fledgling learning about adulting. “I think therefore I am” being the go-to premise seemed a logical starting point. That is, the ability to emote, create, process information, problem solve on a more complex level than animals, To have a sense of Being, of Higher Consciousness/Divinity. Paul, I truly don’t know that I have yet discovered the core truth about consciousness. It’s a BIG question. But I do know that I AM conscious 🙂

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  5. I see consciousness as a reality that is seen only through the silence we create, bringing awareness to mind. Consciousness lies behind the everyday lies we tell ourselves. Lies that we don’t even know we are living; unaware, and habitual. Consciousness happens through the mind’s awareness not habitual patterns of the unconscious personality.

    Great question.


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