Paul’s One Big Question for October 10, 2018

What, if anything, should be done about over-population?

9 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 10, 2018”

  1. Not sure. If I were in charge of coming up with a plan I would 1) Look at recent history and study what DOESN’T work very well to control population and 2) Search for some ”think outside the box” ideas which may very well include doing nothing at all.


    1. I’m not sure what you’re saying here. If you are merely expressing your position forcefully, that’s one thing. But if you are implying that there should be no rational discussion of divergent views on this issue, I’ll have to disagree with you.

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  2. What if, for argument’s sake, the ‘over’ population problem was a big, fat lie? Everyone seems to want to question governments about everything else…why not this?

    Do you know for certain, without doubt, that the population is actually rising? With massive opioid deaths, other big pharma drugs, war deaths, natural disaster deaths, high suicide rates, reports of birth rates flattening…

    Is it not plausible that ‘over population’ might be a scare tactic? Just maybe?


  3. We won’t see it but I believe in 100 years the world will see a huge change. We’re seeing a little bit of it now in Japan and in the states but worldwide I feel the population will take a huge dip.


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