Paul’s One Big Question for October 14, 2018

What kind of animals, if any, are capable of loving?

7 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 14, 2018”

  1. To feel love requires a developed brain. Vertebrates like lions and whales and invertebrates like octopus and squid seem to me like that are capable of love since they possess an intellect.


  2. My first answer is “social animals,” since love is a bonding tool. But cats aren’t social (dare I say they’re antisocial animals?), and they seem quite capable of love.
    When I think about it, there are people who have made friends with all kinds of creatures. There’s a man who saved an alligator (primal brain) and made friends with him, and there’s a woman who made friends with a wingless honeybee (bug brain, haha. This is really cute, you should look it up).
    You can say this is just a positive association attachment… or you can say it’s love… aren’t those kind of the same thing anyway? Where’s the line?
    In short, I don’t think anything feels love exactly the way that a human feels love, but I think life is drawn to life, and anything can take pleasure in another’s company.


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