Paul’s One Big Question for October 18, 2018

What is innocence?  If babies are considered innocence, when does their innocence end?

6 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 18, 2018”

  1. Tough question. For me, innocence is a child-like wonder, where everything is new and amazing and exciting. It is most obvious in its lack of fear, when the world feels safe and benevolent. We lose that innocence a little at a time, with each harm that comes our way, instilling fear where trust used to live.


  2. Innocence? Who says they’re innocent??

    They’re sinners the lot of ’em! Sinners from the day the little wrinkly bastards are born and they stay sinners till the day they die. Then they’re dead sinners, and good riddance.

    A baby would stab you with a kitchen knife as soon as look at you – if they could get their eyes to focus enough to see where you were and if they could get their fat, pudgy, little fingers to grip the handle and had learnt how to co-ordinate their fine and coarse motor skills to make the stabby stabby motion. Then they’d pee or projectile vomit on your bleeding corpse.

    Don’t trust ’em is my advice.


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