Paul’s One Big Question for October 20, 2018

America seems more divided today than at most times in its history.  What would be necessary to bring us together again, or to at least halt the dividing?

19 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 20, 2018”

      1. Perhaps, then again, if more people knew they could choose for themselves maybe more would choose community rather than being forced into community.

        People must choose for themselves if they are to have any true convictions.

        A person without a conviction will wander from group to group hoping to find acceptance for their entire lives.

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      2. Yes, but without ‘rules,’ laws, there would be no line between going too far. No one would know when enough was enough and everyone would be really doing as they please. While I agree that some laws are going too far, having no laws would be like removing the conscience from a lot of people.

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      3. True, then again I think more would be afraid of revenge. I think people can govern themselves more effectively than government.

        I hear what you’re saying, I know what I propose is extreme, but I think it is no more extreme than what has been happening for generations now.

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      4. I don’t think that is the case. Since there would be no repercussions, more people would be doing as they please. Even if they were too afraid to do so, the type of fear everyone would be experiencing would be very unpleasant. It would be much different than the type of fear we might live today. You wouldn’t really have more freedoms if you’re too afraid to leave your house knowing you could be murdered and no one would really have any authority to do anything. And then what happens, we have zero government? What about police officers? And our economy would fall apart. There’d be no consistency if everyone were doing as they pleased.

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      5. That’s how they settled the west though, humans have always lived by a code. Rape, murder and thievery has always been punished, regardless of the existence of laws.

        The freer we all are, the better we treat each other


      6. You’re assuming based on past without taking into account the ways we have changed now. People have become much more violent as we have more things available to us to make us this way, Laws are adapted as we change, take them away and you’re left with chaos. Think about it; Someone assumes another was the murderer and then acts upon it. They kill the murderer, now we have two murderers. More innocent will be punished, I know this is an issue now, but conclusions are made based off of the regulations and rules, and without these more guilty will be free and more innocent will be punished.

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