Paul’s One Big Question for October 21, 2018

It seems the key to wise self-rule (democracy) is a well-informed electorate.  Without a well-informed electorate, wise self-rule is impossible.

Are the electorates of most Democratic nations today well enough informed for wise self-rule?

2 thoughts on “Paul’s One Big Question for October 21, 2018”

  1. Umm… Is this a trick question? (Lol!)

    How can we be well-informed in an era when any bias you bring to the table has supporting “evidence” to back it up? When journalism is read sensationalism, without conscience, freedom, or standards? When “alternative facts” is no longer a phrase uttered in mockery, but an accepted answer to differing opinions? When respect and reasoned discussion have been replaced by extremist bickering? And when complacency, conformity and complicity have become the public measure of success?

    You’re just making fun of us, aren’t you, Paul? ;D

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