Paul’s Big Question for October 31, 2018

Is there any way to determine the existence of a supernatural reality?

15 thoughts on “Paul’s Big Question for October 31, 2018”

    1. “So, Clyde… As long as you’re here, can I ask you something? It’s kind of personal…”

      CLYDE: sure, go ahead. You know we have no secrets between us.

      ME: Well, the thing is, my friend Paul was just asking us the other day if people like you are real… Are you?

      CLYDE: [laughing] Is that supposed to be a joke?

      ME: [confused] No, I don’t think so…

      CLAIRE: Who ya talking to, Clyde? Your invisible friend back again?


  1. I want to compliment you on your outstanding website Café Philos. This is an excellent serious mature profound website. I want to respond to your question about supernatural reality because I am a urban Shaman(the humble title is Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth and God. Prayer is the formal word for how we communicate with supernatural Beings. In the old days the King had soothsayers and people who were to determine what the supernatural realities had in store for the King . Today when journalists in Central America spoke the truth 60 of them were murdered over a period of time. Truth is an aspect of supernatural reality. I am hinting at aspects of higher vibratory realms. This is the technical scientific terminology for where supernatural reality exists. So I have a lot to say to you but I don’t want to leave you a monologue comment. You may reply to me directly at my email-gregm 5917@ Gmail.com for further elucidation on this subject.
    Best wishes for the holiday and


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