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Born to a Better Sun

(About a 1 minute read)

Sometimes you phone
On the days you are cartwheeling
Into a black sun.

Then I listen to your voice,
Your voice so soft,
Your voice so gentle
That I can imagine it must have glided
Across a newborn’s skin
On it’s way to me.

I never hear in your voice the solar flares.
I never hear in your voice the flares,
That are ripping through your mind,
That are tearing it apart.

Once long ago you were whole.
Do you remember now
The years when you were whole?

Once long ago your teachers
Had no other word for you,
No other word than “brilliant”.

We all had no other word for you
Than “brilliant”.

You we thought were a traveler
Born to lands we’d never known.
You we thought were an explorer
Born to reach a distant shore.

You we thought had eyes
That would look inside the stars.
You we thought had eyes
That would see the nature of time.

You we thought were destined,
Destined for a better sun

Back in the years before,
The years before your began your fall

Into the fires of a black sun,
The fires that killed
Something inside us all.

7 thoughts on “Born to a Better Sun”

  1. You touch on so many topics that resonate with me. This poem could have been written for so many lost people, including my son, the golden child; the genius who flew over all the other students’ heads, came top in every subject and was even the best footballer in his year. Those days are gone…


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