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The Dancer

The Dancer Winter 2019 350x703
The Dancer. 8 x 16 Acrylic on canvas (2019)

The is the first nude I’ve painted.  I did a lot of figure drawing some years ago, but I’ve had no interest in painting nudes until now.  For some reason, I found it was hard for me to figure out how I wanted to paint her.  There are about seven trial coats of paint on her — beneath what you see!

Like so many young women these days, the model told me she has serious issues with the appearance of her body.  Consequently, I think it was a bit brave of her to suggest I do a nude of her.

That also made it especially gratifying when she saw the painting and told me she thought it was attractive enough to help her with body-image issues.  In fact, I was so happy to hear her say that, I totally forgot to seize the opportunity in order to suggest she pay me a fee for having painted her.  What a horrid mistake!

I thought while I was painting this it might not only be my first, but also my last nude — given how hard it was for me to get what I wanted.  But since completing it, two more people — one man, one woman — have suggested I paint nudes of them, so now I’m beginning to wonder if this might be my new profession.

What makes it so odd to me is I typically do portraits and I practically have to beg people to pose for me.  But — and this is counter-intuitive to me — it seems at first glance that it’s easier these days to get volunteers for nudes than for portraits. What on earth?  I feel so old now!  So outdated!

12 thoughts on “The Dancer”

      1. Have in the past. Haven’t in some time. It’s absolutely craft and talent intermixed and there’s nothing more difficult than the human form. You did great.


  1. She has body issues? Gawd’s sake! What ‘s the problem? Knobbly knees? Flat feet? Looks to me like everything is in the right place and well-proportioned.

    I’ve caught up with you now, so I’m off to find someone else to stalk. Cherry pie (that’s cheery bye to you foreigners what don’t unnerstan’ proper English).


    1. I know! All I could think when she told me she had body issues was that she has a body that could cause a lifeless fire hydrant to become so horny it would spontaneously blow its corks.

      She’s not just sexy, she’s drrop-jaw beautiful. Body issues!

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      1. Maybe when she needed to hear it, nobody told her how beautiful she was. Or maybe it’s those stupid ads where all the women have been photo-shopped so heavily that they don’t look real. Makes me sick.


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