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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: Sorry It’s Taken Me So Long

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

(About a 2 minute read)

Dear “It”,

Sorry it’s taken me so long
To think about you.

You are important to me,
You are.
You are really important to me.

It is just that I have been so busy,
Busy with everything, busy with life.

Whew! I at last got a moment
earlier tonight. I swear
It was the very first free moment
I have had that I can recall.

The very first.

I guess you and I should start
With me giving you a name.

I’ve been calling you “It”,
For so long.
For so long now.

“I’ll think about ‘it’.”

“I’ll think about ‘it’ tomorrow.”

“Is there time to think about ‘it’ now?”

I’ve been calling you “It”,
I’ve been calling you “It”,
For so long.

So what should I call you now?
What name should I give you?
Give you now that I’ve thought
About you?
What name should I give you now?
Now that I see who and what you are?

“Oh Well”.

That’s it! “Oh Well”.
So what do you think of me
Calling you “Oh Well”?
Does that work for you?
It works for me too.

I’m so glad I got off work early today!
I am so very relieved I at last
Had the time to think about you.

And thank you! Thank you!
Thank you for so graciously
Introducing yourself, “Oh Well”.
It means so much to me that you did.

I can’t say you come
As the biggest surprise,
The biggest surprise of my life.

I’ve had much bigger surprises. “Oh Well”,
Thank you for not being the biggest one.

Still, “Oh Well”, still.
Not the biggest surprise, that’s true.
But it’s still a bummer to recognize,
A bummer to finally, at last recognize

She doesn’t love me, does she?

She loves herself, and that’s good.
But she only loves herself, and that’s bad.

Have I got that about right, “Oh Well”?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

I guess I should have seen that one,
Seen that one coming. Seen it for years.
The signs have been there, haven’t they?
They’ve been there all along.

“Oh Well”, what does it matter now?

She quit loving years ago.
I can see that now.
She quit loving years ago.
If she ever did.

And there’s nothing to be done.
Nothing except get real about it.
Nothing I can do about it now,
But shit!


“Oh Well”.

4 thoughts on “A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: Sorry It’s Taken Me So Long”

    1. In large part, my second wife, Tomoko. For an age and a half, I was in denial she didn’t love me. I busied myself with near constant work so I wouldn’t have to think about her – and about some other things. When I finally came to the realization she didn’t love me, I expected it to come with a hurricane of pain. To my near shock, I felt nothing more than some regret.

      There were other inspirations, but that was perhaps the biggest inspiration for the poem.

      May i ask why the poem made you curious about its inspiration?.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see your insight was sure-footed and did not stumble. You were perfectly right. It’s the sort of poem that needs be inspired by something.

        Thank you for your interest in it.


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