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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: An Ordinary Girl

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

(About a 4 minute read)

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ― Anais Nin

At twenty-one Ashley could not recall a time
Before she knew her looks were ordinary, average.
Still, it was not until she turned twenty-one
That she began to feel frustrated, thwarted,
Rebuffed by the ordinariness of her looks.

Her small circle of ancient and intimate friends
Had all paired off by then, leaving her
Not quite couple enough to be invited out.
At twenty-one Ashley was at last lonely.

An ordinary girl all her growing years,
Ashley was only now discovering how it felt
To be the average type and kind of woman,
Who falls into the category that men overlook.

There were men, of course. When are there not?
Proud men, but still generously willing to condescend
To put down roots upon her ranch, upon her spread,
For an evening or two.

Poor Ashley could not make herself feel
At all grateful for their charitable attentions.
At twenty-one, she had begun to learn at last
The truth that we often only become truly aware
Of our unconscious expectations while grieving
For what they had meant to us at their funeral.

Ashley fought hard and struggled to simply accept
She had turned out yet another distinguished
Member of the world’s largest private club. The Crowd.
The club so private no one ever publicly notices you.

She fought hard and struggled to simply accept it.
But something fought back harder from deeper inside.
The day came when Ashley discovered
She had nothing left to lose.
She might as well be herself.

Those shy thoughts and feelings that had all her life
Held the real Ashley deep inside herself
One day left her so suddenly they forgot
To say what had upset them, made them want to leave.

Those thoughts and feelings she had something
To protect, something to defend, something to lose —
One day those thoughts and feelings fled.

Ashley never quite figured out why.
By I myself believe they saw the star
That had been forming deep inside her.
They saw the star was about to go nova
And blow them all to hell.

Ashley had always had a sense of humor
But now she found her truer voice for it.
No longer held back, given free reign
It turned shamelessly riotous and as abundant as rain
From a thunderstorm.

And that’s how Ashley became my true mate
In every way wild enough to suit the two of us.

I fell for ordinary Ashley the same day
She drenched me with her wit.
Drenched me from my mind down through my heart
Right down to my most cherished secret self.
My raging hard on.

It had discerned she could throw wit by the bucket load,
Had recognized a soulmate in the quantity of her ejaculations.

You see, I was barely wise, but wise enough to grasp
Wit and humor outlast looks by whole decades.

Oh. And before I forget. A warm thanks to all
The guys who didn’t grab her first. Bless you all!

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