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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: Love Sold Here by the Pocketful

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

(About a 3 minute read)

People say “Love is a precious rock of great price”.
I can see that’s true enough — so far as it goes.
But saying that is like starting to tell a great joke,
Then suddenly trailing off into silence before the punch line.
It’s like a mathematical equation that isn’t balanced yet.
It’s like a lonely young man or woman without a partner.
It’s like the proverbial eight fast and furious minutes
That is sex the scientists say for most of us much under the age of 35.
But I suspect there’s so much more to love than that.

The fuller truth I’m pretty sure is love is more than just one rock.

Not a whole bucket of rocks, of course. Not that many kinds.
More like just short of too many to comfortably pocket.
More like just short of too many to keep track of them all.

You see, I’m a fool, it’s true. Even you can see I’m a fool.
I don’t know you, but I have blind faith in you that way.

I’m a fool but even I can see the shameless trickery
Of declaring one rock of love is true,
Just so you can declare all the others false.
What a sly and cunning way to claim a deeper insight for yourself.

“Hey dude! What you feel is not true. Trust me! I know you
Better than you know yourself. I’m a miracle that way.”

Well, maybe it’s not really that bad. I suspect deep down
Folks are really just trying to help each other get through life.
Sorry! I was just indulging my snarky side.

But that doesn’t mean they’re right there is only one rock!
No it still doesn’t mean they’re right.

Take erotic love. Everyone calls it “false”, “untrue”.
But look at the poetry alone that it inspires!
But look at how much cums of it! (Shameless of me, I know)
You want a world without its fire and edgy horniness?
Then you want a world without any stars yearning
To go nova on you! Or at least to hump your leg.
And what kind of world would that be? Think of it!

All the rocks are true to me. True so far as my myopic eyes can see.
True but not nearly identical. True but not the same at all.
Look! A ruby!
Look! An emerald!
Look! A diamond!
Look! A sunstone! By far, the most precious of them all!

(I know that because my mother told me so.
The only person in my life
Coldly objective enough to see to my depths.
She saw much deeper than the foolish fishiness in me,
The fishiness my whole world agrees is my true self.
She was the most objective of all mothers!
Of all the world’s unbiased mothers!
Mom always said I’d turn out the best. The very best
Liar among her three sons. She believed in me.
Ah! A mother’s love! The rock of a mother’s love!
She was the most precious Sunstone of them all.)

The loves are like tools with none always the best.
Depends,you see, on what you want you want to do with them.
Depends,you see, on where you want to go with them.

Like, don’t use a hammer to drive screws,
An don’t rely on erotic love alone to build a home and a family.
You’ve got a saw in you? Just don’t try to pound nails with it.

Here’s my advice: Don’t waste your time with “true” and “false”.
That’s like saying screwdrivers are true and pliers false.
Study the loves instead. Study their uses and abuses instead!
Learn to see each rock exactly for what it is and is not.
That’s good advice. Probably the best you’ll ever get.
After all, it’s just a fact — it comes from a Sunstone,
The very best lover that ever lived! I’m sure of that!

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