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A Flock of Sparrows for Majel: Just Another Tired Old Day

A Flock of Sparrows for Majel

(About a 4 minute read)

I no longer recall the day we met.
The day you announced to me
You had just that minute boiled some water
And stirred it in with the quick oats
Of your profoundly beating heart,
Your deeply resonating heart,
To recognize in me your kindred spirit,
Your long lost brother, your felt friend,
Your truest twin.

Mirrors of each other’s hearts,
Mirrors of each other’s minds.

Do you still recall how tightly we bonded
When you tearfully confessed
I had on that fated, long ago day
Thrown the profoundly drowning you
A rope to pull you from the water
Of your deep angst and hounding loneliness?

“Just in the nick of time”, you sighed.
“Beneath the mask of my brave smile
That our false and superficial society
Demands I wear, I am dressed up,
Quite secretly dressed up,
In tragic black from my raked cap
Down to my tragic socks, you see.
The true me, the me that you,
And you alone of all the others, truly ‘get’
Is dressed in honest and truest black.
I must confess, I was on the verge
Of killing myself. Yes, of killing myself,
Of taking my light from this world,
This indifferent, undeserving world.”

I might have cried some tears myself,
We might have mingled tears,
Had I not that moment become distracted
By an intolerable itch
I just had to scratch.

I no longer recall the day we met,
Your words told me you were looking
For your false twin,
Not a true friend at all.

Not your friend of a thousand mountains
Together faithfully faced and climbed.
Not your friend of a loyal million miles,

But someone to walk with a half dozen steps
Before an insurmountable ant hill
In our otherwise tightly knitted path
Forces me to the left,
And you to the right.

“A deeply wounding betrayal.”
“A shocking revelation of his true soul.”
I’m sure you’ll tell the others
My fault, my blame, my role
In the shattering of your illusions
And the tragic breaking of your heart.

They will probably profess to believe you too.
Most folks are like that.

I no longer recall the day we met.
Your words told me not to bother
With marking that important, fated day
On the calendar of my previously
Impoverished life.

But it wasn’t that you came on too fast,
That wasn’t the clue picked up by me.
I’ve known enduring things
That started out just as fast.
Sometimes we have our sudden insights, we humans.
Sometimes true friends have their sudden insights.

No, it was how you expected me
To be your false twin,
Your false identical twin.

Your think the same,
Your feel the same,
Fool’s twin
That you gratuitously chose to call,
That you profanely chose to call,
Your entertainment
Excuse me.  Your “Friend”.

That said it all to me.
Said it was just another tired old day
Of commonplace chores, getting the mail,
Making meals, peeing now and then,
And crossing paths with self-important
Patronizing people. Just another tired old day.

I no longer recall the day we met
But I’m guessing it was about six hours ago now.

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