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Even Artists are Human. Even Artists.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Paul’s thoughts on the notion that artists feel things more deeply than other folks.


THE CRITICS ROAR: “Sunstone’s ‘Artists’ post puts me in mind of 1975 when the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco lingered on his death bed for weeks before having the proper decency to exit the world and take his damnable evil with him.  ‘Artists’ is by most common measures a short blog post, but Sunstone nevertheless manages to make it a long one.  You soon find yourself praying for it to end. Praying hard for it to end.” — Gus “Gunning Gus” Johnson, The Blog Critic’s Column, “Leper’s Gulch Gazette”, Leper’s Gulch, Colorado, USA.

(About a 1 minute read)

We artists so frequently forget that to well articulate a feeling is not to feel it more deeply, more profoundly than other folks.  To claim we artists feel things more deeply simply because we can sometimes express our feelings better is as ridiculous as saying a vocalizing  person feels things more deeply than a mute person.

The one exception is when an artist catches an honest feeling, clips its wings, and cages it so that it can no longer take flight.  That is, turns an honest feeling into a merely sentimental feeling.

“The world is filled with butterflies (and no sparrows nor any spiders).”  “Life is a beautiful and precious rose (without any thorns).”  “Love is dressing up in a pure, white and flowing gown to go romping through a deeply meaningful field of flowers (where there be no rain, no high winds, and absolutely no monsters).”

Perhaps, when an artist turns sentimental on us, he or she  is likely to feel more deeply, more profoundly their feelings towards their baby — their precious baby — than any honest person is likely to feel.

But apart from sentimental feelings, artists feel no more deeply than anyone else.  Artists — even artists — are fundamentally human, you know.

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