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Paul’s Three Inviolate Rules of Sex

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Paul offers to his Readers the “Three Inviolate Rules of Sex” that he himself never — never — knowingly broke back in the days when he was still into partner sex.


THE CRITICS ENTHUSE! “Paul Sunstone has gone and done it again.  Again put me in vivid mind of the time back in ’03 when it snowed so deep folks were forced to ski off their second-floor balconies if they wanted to escape their homes. Sunstone has once again piled it high. Too high, for decent folks.”  — Gus “Gunning Gus” Johnson, The Blog Critic’s Column, “Leper’s Gulch Gazette”, Leper’s Gulch, Colorado, USA.

THE CRITICS EMOTE! “Paul Sunstone’s ‘Three Inviolate Rules’ are striking in their appalling similarity to his all-too-frequent, vulgar description of himself as in possession of ‘a fulsome three inches of yearning, pussy-pleasing meat-rocket’.  Apparently,  the damn fool is just as intolerably proud of his ‘Three Rules’ as he is of his three inches. But no mere fool’s pride can hide the truth. Sunstone is short of penis, short of rules, and shortest of all of commonsense standards.”  —  Merriweather Sterling, Blogs of the Day, “The Daily Burtie”, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, England, UK.

THE CRITICS GO WILD! “Stab me! Please stab me! I need to bleed out every last poisonous drop of Sunstone’s advice from my body and brain, and I need to do it fast. Stab me deep!  I need to bleed-out fast.” — Arun Ghani, India’s Blogs and Beyond, “The Herald and News”, Hyderabad, India.

(About a 1 minute read)

I’m voluntarily celibate these days, but I used to apply three rules to every sexual encounter. I now submit to you, dear Reader, my personal “Three Inviolate Rules of Sex”. Do what you will with them.  They’re yours now.  Use or discard them, as you wish:

Don’t bring home any strange babies.
Don’t bring home any strange diseases.
Don’t bring home any dangerous strangers.

To me, almost everything else was negotiable, flexible, dependent on the circumstances, but not those three rules. Not any one of them.

*In addition to which I tried my best to follow Dan Savage’s “Camp Ground Principle”. “Leave your partners as well or better off than you found them.” I had not yet heard of Savage, but I was precocious in trying to follow what would become known as his “Camp Ground Principle”.

6 thoughts on “Paul’s Three Inviolate Rules of Sex”

  1. “Dangerous stranger.” Sounds intriguing. I certainly wouldn’t bring one home, but I perhaps could use one as a writing prompt….. scurries off to write poem about dangerous stranger

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