Annoying Questions

Paul’s Random, Annoying Question of the Moment

What do you make of the abstinence-only sex education movement?

Specifically, do you think the conviction that even older teens should not be taught responsible sexual practices, but rather only encouraged to wait for marriage, goes hand in hand with the notion that sex is a win/lose game?

Your thoughts, please.

21 thoughts on “Paul’s Random, Annoying Question of the Moment”

  1. That’s an interesting point. I think by enforcing that sex should only be indulged in after marriage will make it a coveted thing and defeat the entire purpose of safe sex practices. We’d pine for it, experimenting, doing that we can do! Rather make it easily available that it becomes a bore

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  2. Perhaps the best “responsible sexual practice” I’ve come across is, IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHEN THAN TO KNOW HOW. If the “abstinence-only sex education movement” can’t tolerate even that wisdom as part of allowing sex education, the “movement” is an immovable object against which no debate can be advanced.

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  3. They are only fooling themselves to think young humans with hormones are going to stay away from sex. The more educated you are, the better decisions you could make. I would say young people who have been taught about safe sex practice it more than older adults.

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    1. Midwest, i hear most Western European countries — with the possible exception of the UK — take a much more, “It’s natural to start having sex in your late teens, early twenties” attitude than do Americans.

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  4. Education is the only way and trust is important. But if teens go that way, then is it the end of the world? I don’t think so, and love and support for our young ones is very important.

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  5. It’s a sure way to produce more teen pregnancies and a excellent way of inducing sexual ignorance in society. I’m still trying to wrap my head about what you mean “sex is a win/lose game”. That’s some alien mental landscape there.

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    1. “Win/lose” is an attitude I come across too frequently. Both men and women. Some people harbor the notion that whenever anyone has sex outside of marriage, one partner is exploiting the other partner. Usually, they see it as the man exploiting the woman. It makes no sense to me at all.

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  6. Boy, talk about going back in time… has the species devolved itself that much that it still discusses “no sex outside of marriage”? Pathetic. The Church and other power groups know well that if you control sexuality, you control the people. It’s all about central control and the only way to fight that kind of crippling thinking is to indulge in more and more free sex, so kids, go for it!

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    1. “The Church and other power groups know well that if you control sexuality, you control the people.”

      Could not agree with you more. If they can get you to give them the authority to decide your sexuality, they have established a “right” to own you.

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