Annoying Questions

Paul’s Random, Annoying Question of the Moment

Stella called me a “genius” to my virtual face yesterday.  Not once, but twice.

I know! Right?  But what can you expect these days? Such things have become absolutely routine on the internet!

Routine to intolerably insult us decent folks by leaving off the “super” from “Super-genius”.

Anyway, I have quietly known I was not a genius — not a real genius — ever since back in ’03 when I fell for Dick Cheney’s transparent lie that we absolutely needed to invade Iraq in order to prevent the smoking gun of a nuclear mushroom cloud.  I don’t think a genius could have fallen for that.  Not any genius who already knew, as I did, that Dick liked to fib a little  — about everything.

When I finally figured out how thoroughly a known liar had duped me, the truth I was not a genius clicked together in my head much more like the sound the hooves of draft horses make on pavement than the repairable clicking of a faulty car engine.

So yesterday, I got to thinking: “Not too often — not nearly often enough, in my humble opinion — but now and then someone isn’t teasing like Stella was when they call me a “genius”.  But if that is so, what might it be about me that fools them?”

That’s when I got the crazy idea into my head that honesty might occassionally come across to us humans as genius.

You see, lies scare me.  Scare me because nearly every trouble I ever brought upon myself is directly traceable to my lying to myself.  Nearly every self-inflicted trouble started out with me lying to me.  Hence, I have been frightened into being as honest as I can be — and still get away with it — and still avoid investigation by the Government as dangerously anti-social.

So what do you think? Can honesty come across as genius?

I myself really don’t know, but the question has its hooks into me now.

16 thoughts on “Paul’s Random, Annoying Question of the Moment”

      1. Someone who excels in a skill or mindset beyond normal comprehension. Not ‘above average,’ but someone who’s way of thinking makes you take a step back and think “wow,” because there’s no other way to really respond to it. You can be really any kind of genius, if you apply it to one specific thing, and there’s no such thing as a “total genius.” To be that, you’d have to be able to do everything. For example, Einstein is considered a genius, but only in regards to physics, sciences, etc. I’m sure he couldn’t play piano like Beethoven who was a genius in that regard.

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      2. Ah! I see how it is! You’ve decided to flash me with that precocious side of you this fine morning. Flasher! I’m not even the least bit impressed with your insights. Just so you know.

        By the way, have you ever read Einstien’s thinking on political and social issues?

        Last, a friend of mine is a genius. Not the only genius friend of mine, but the one who pointed out to me that geniuses are not so much marked by their originality as they are by the fact they get things right a whole lot more often than they should get things right.

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      3. I have not.
        And, ny your friends definition, there are a couple who would consider me a genius. I do believe that sometimes I can be of higher intelligence, but nowhere near a genius.


  1. Marysa’s point is well taken in terms even beyond what we think of as genius. I suppose Donald Trump, for example (as “someone who’s way of thinking makes you take a step back and think “wow”), could be considered a genius of amorality. In a way, maybe I should be considered a genius for making that observation….after all, even those who don’t hold that view of Trump are geniuses of denial.

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    1. Okay, that’s a really interesting thing to mention. That being a genius is not always a good thing. Like your example, or in kids cartoons and there’s an “evil genius,” I didn’t even think of that. It definitely makes sense.

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    2. My second wife was like that, MM. She was maliciously abusive due to a tragic emotional disorder, but her idea of relief from boredom was to while away the time doing calculus problems in her head.

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      1. You just want me for my brains? Only my brains? I always feel like I’m on the world’s tallest roller coaster with you, Stella. First, it’s insults. Then it’s schemes. And now it’s sapio-sexualization! You’re quite the wild ride, you know. How awful! How terrifying! Um…what’s the price of tickets these days?

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  2. Paul I’m pretty sure your sweetness trumps your brains. I only accept hugs and wise cracks for payment. Is that too much to ask. Btw I’m sad I missed your reply until now. 🙂

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