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Profile of a Nature Lover

A few years ago, a friend and I drove up to Crested Butte, a Colorado mountain town locally famous for its wildflowers.

True to the rep, we spotted a relatively thick field just outside of town.  Quite soon, we were standing by the road.  Presently, another car pulled over and stopped.

A woman got out, took a few steps, bent down, plucked a flower, sniffed it deeply for a few seconds — then causally tossed it away.

“I guess that variety doesn’t have much scent.”, she said, grinning at us — grinning just like she was kindly including us in her circle — or perhaps, her bubble.

We didn’t ask, but I bet if we had, she would have told us she was a nature lover and especially fond of the flowers.

We always do, you know.  We humans always say such things, and not just when we’re speaking of flowers.

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