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Nirdeshika’s Three Insights

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Paul offers his opinion that Nirdeshika Dhungel has accomplished the almost impossible by conjuring up three original, but non-trivial, insights into perfectionism.


THE CRITICS GO WILD! “The Grand Fraud Blogger American is once again loose upon the blogosphere! Quite ironically, his topic is ‘perfectionism’. In truth, Sunstone is no more acquainted with the perfect than he himself ever managed to acquaint his two ex-wives with the pleasures of sex.” — Aloyse Leblanc, Le Critique Passionné de Blog, “La Tribune Linville”, Linville, France.

Almost the only truly original ideas are in one way or another inspired by studying nature.  For the most part, it is only in nature that we now and then come across some insight or truth no one else has seen.

Yet, I’m confident this morning that Nirdeshika Dhungel has posted to her blog, Alive,  a non-trivial, but original insight.  I am confident because this is my lucky day.  The first day of 2019 that I have made it past eight o’clock in the morning without being wrong more than five times since midnight.

In an extremely brief post, Nirdeshika offers three sentences, each a non-trivial insight, each — so far as I know — original to her.

Consequently, I inflicted upon the unsuspecting, innocent woman one of my insufferable opinions.  That’s to say, I long ago realized that it was much easier for me to be insufferable than original.  Hence, insufferable is all I aim for these days:

Will Rogers once pointed out that most of us can neither learn from books nor from our observations of other people, but rather we must “pee on the electric fence ourselves.” The three arrows you shot at perfectionism each struck their mark, I believe, but few of us will learn from witnessing your archery.

As I see it, that is not something to be sad about, Nirdeshika, it’s something to accept about human nature — accept so we can love ourselves and others anyway.

Yet, I believe I have seen how those of us who try to communicate wisdom so often end up improving our own lives, even if we improve few other lives. In trying to speak truths to others there is the clarification of our own thoughts, there is the firming up of our wisdom.

I read your insights tonight and thought them so well formulated that I now suspect you are — or at least will be — very wise.

If you wish, you can read Nirdeshika’s three sentences here.

4 thoughts on “Nirdeshika’s Three Insights”

  1. It’s oddly comforting to realize that everybody has trouble with others and are spending a lifetime learning. 🙂 Just writing about it is a good way of setting our thoughts in order and bringing calm.

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    1. Thank you. If was a fair exchange. You yourself spent precious time simmering down your insights. Either consciously or subconsciously, you spent time on them. Those are the kind of insights a mere glance and a passing thought simply do not produce.


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