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A Random Thank You Note to Those Who Suffer the Most

Long time readers of Café Philos will most likely be far from shocked to hear how I come up with ideas to blog about.  Although even they might be surprised to learn how easy it is for me.

I just dig down deep into my soul — way down past even the Balinese donkey porn — until I hit the “The Lake of My Own Ideas”, as I myself call it.  By which I mean, the vast “lake” of all the ideas I have about the world that greatly annoy good, decent folks.

Good, decent folks like Carla, Parikhit, Jane, Isabella, Raili, Sarah, Ivor, and Marysa.  All in all, the precisely 27 good, decent folks who I’m pretty sure read Café Philos all but religiously.

Or, to put that much more honestly, the 27 folks who read Café Philos in quite the same spirit as horrified bystanders might witness a train wreck.

Did I say 27?  I meant 27 1/2.  Mustn’t forget Teresums!

I owe my sometimes prolific posting to digging down to the “The Lake of  My Own Ideas” to draw up a bucket or two of its vast and abundant waters.  And, course, today is no merciful exception.

My annoying idea today is to post a note of thanks to my loyal fascinated readers.  I could list many more people than I have listed, but I didn’t want to give anyone the impression y’all are just a shopping list to me.  But I hope to mention everyone sooner or later in future posts.  And I probably will if Teresums don’t kill me first.

It’s shamelessly true I would most likely post even if no one in the world read what I posted — I maingly write to clarify my thinking about things my ego just loves to hear itself chatter.  But I find that talking to myself is almost as endlessly fascinating as gazing at the beige walls of my cottage.  I much prefer to look through the windows at the colorful world outside.

Thanks everyone — named and unnamed both — for the color you add to my production of train wrecks.

10 thoughts on “A Random Thank You Note to Those Who Suffer the Most”

      1. I think I could say much the same about you. I won’t though. I’m no open book! You’ll never find out I esteem and admire you and the good you do, Andrea! I’m taciturn, that way.


  1. What do I say to this? Thanks, Paul, comes to mind as the most polite and respectful thing to say. So, thanks. To think I inspire and contribute to your Lake of Ideas inspires me to plunge even deeper into mine to see what else I can dredge up to further inspire you.

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