The Cafe Philos Poetry Prompt

The Café Philos Poetry Prompt For Them That Be Wild Things (March 16, 2019)

Every heart
Every heart to love will come
But like a refugee

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

— Leonard Cohen,  Anthem

Surely, had William Shakespeare the astonishing good fortune to have himself composed the lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s Anthem — in addition to all his other works — the world today would not merely be speaking of him as an “unsurpassed” poet of the English language, but it would be boldly claiming that he was eternally unsurpassable.

Or perhaps not.  I confess I might have been exaggerating a wee bit there.  But the true point is that Cohen’s Anthem arguably ranks high up among the best poetic and musical declarations ever of why a man or woman gets out of bed most days.

Which raises the question (and this week’s prompt), how would you describe in a poem your own most basic attitude or approach to living your life?  Why do you get out of bed most days?

Like Leonard does, you might want to mix your answer in with some lines about your attitude towards your art(s).

Naturally, your offerings need not be perfect.  After all, that’s how the light gets in.

The procedure is simple:

(1) Your poem can be any length, and in any poetic form — including a prose poem.

(2) Please post it on your blog by 11:59 PM, Sunday, the 24rd of March at the latest.

(3) If you will so kind, include a link back to this post.

(4) If you will be even kinder, please reblog this post.

(5) Grab your favorite beverage, lay back, relax, and expect profuse, but sincere, gratitude from the prompt’s author (that would be me).

Anthem by Leonard Cohen

11 thoughts on “The Café Philos Poetry Prompt For Them That Be Wild Things (March 16, 2019)”

  1. Hi Paul. Thanks for the prompt! I wrote a poem and will post it, and I would like to make a link to this post to go with it, but shamefaced blush I don’t know how to make a link. Could you please help me in my ignorance?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! It’s pretty simple, actually.

      The easiest way is just copy the URL of this post and then paste it into you post.

      The other way is almost as easy. In your post editor, find the paper clip symbol and click on it. Then fill out the blanks, so to speak. You’ll need to have the URL of this post handy.

      Let me know if things go wrong, please.


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