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The Manner in Which You and I Resonate

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FROM: Paul Sunstone
To: Marissa “Free Spirited” Callahan
SUBJECT: I’m Back Like a Tornado to a Trailer Park!

Pray be so kind as to drop your pants.

FROM: Marissa “Free Spirited” Callahan
TO: Paul Sunstone
SUBJECT: Re: I’m Back Like a Tornado to a Trailer Park!

Please specify your initial offer re:  opening negotiations for the friendship of my upper thighs.

FROM: Paul Sunstone
To: Marissa “Free Spirited” Callahan
SUBJECT: Re: I’m Back Like a Tornado to a Trailer Park!

Um…don’t know. Maybe, you’re pretty?

FROM: Marissa “Free Spirited” Callahan
TO: Paul Sunstone
SUBJECT: Re: I’m Back Like a Tornado to a Trailer Park!

Demand clarification at once! Is your aim my upper thighs or my toenail clippings? Please specify!

FROM: Paul Sunstone
To: Marissa “Free Spirited” Callahan
SUBJECT: Re: I’m Back Like a Tornado to a Trailer Park!

My truly dear Marissa,

I do not have eyes so keen I can see whether the God of the Bible exists or not.  But I am of the insufferable opinion that Genesis 1:31 proves God himself did not write the Bible.

At least it proves it to me.

At best, God inspired men to write the Bible.  And those men didn’t always write true to God.  At best, I think, that’s what could have happened and to me — even if to no one else — Genesis 1:31 proves it.

Have you ever wondered how foolish a god would need to be to say, “and I saw the world, and behold, the world was good”?

If you have — and I’m guessing you have on one level or another, thought about that — then I think it most likely you thought something along these lines, “Good? This world is good? Where does he get that idea from? Just take a real look and anyone can see that the world is not wholly good!”

If you’ve thought of it that way, then there is a sense or “level of understanding” which you and I share, because I can shift myself to look at it that way too.

But I can also shift myself to look at it deeper than that.

I say “deeper”, but don’t hear “superior” in that word “deeper”. Levels of understanding are no more than tools to me. A screwdriver is not superior to a hammer in itself. It’s only when you start talking about uses that you can say “A screwdriver is better than a hammer for certain uses”.

I get called “profound” these days by admiring people who have been taught that “profound” means I have brains. There is possibly some truth to that, some little truth, but if so, then it is only a lesser truth.

The greater truth is I am better trained than they are.

While they were off learning business management, biology, physics, sports, or even painting, I was off studying under the likes of Thomas Helm, Paul Mundschenk, William “Wild Bill” Davenport, and Blaise Kretchmar to look a things in ways most people don’t even know things can be looked at.

I’m profound? If you believe that, then consider this: I am profoundly trained to look at the world in exceedingly rare and unusual ways.

I was a good doggie back in my youth. I graduated from doggie training school almost able to think about life as only humans sometimes can and do.

Spinoza was a good doggie too back in his day. I know because he said, “I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them.” Only good doggies are well enough trained they can see on that level of understanding!

To Spinoza, Genesis must have been written by men, too. Must have been. Only a foolish man would say he “saw” and he “judged” in the same sentence. What god doesn’t know that to judge is to go blind? Even Spinoza knew that to judge is to go blind. How can a god not know that if a mere mortal can know it?

Most of us are taught growing up that to judge Stephanie is to “get” Stephanie. “I saw Stephanie and, behold, I ‘got’ Stephanie, for I saw that she was good.”

Here’s one of the many frequencies you and I resonate on. You seek to understand you on a non-judgmental level.

No one has taught you that you should do that. You have, untutored, felt your way into doing that.

And maybe even you do not see how much you do that. Maybe even you yourself do not see that’s what you do — or at least what you try to do (for there seems to me still a bit of smoky judgment in your eyes when you look at yourself — along with the fire of true understanding that I also see in your eyes).

I see that’s what you’ve stumbled on doing even though no one trained you to do it.

I know others like you, Jane. A few. I resonate on that frequency with them too. It’s a familiar, comfortable frequency with me.

Try seeing the humor in this. Now and then it happens someone reads my blog and gets it into their heads to email me out of the blue. “Paul I need your advice. I think maybe you are the only person I know right now who might ‘get’ me. I don’t know why I think that, but I do.”

(Isn’t there some level of understanding on which it’s humorous that the one species on the planet with a brain big enough to understand its mates is the very same species that so often merely judges them? Tragicomedy, I believe it’s called.)

I have a hunch that those good folks are responding in an intuitive way to the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, current on my blog that flows through a lot of my posts and sings “I’m not judging, I’m just trying to understand.” That’s my hunch what they’re responding to.

Just thought I’d try to explain to Marissa how Marissa looks to me. At least one way she looks to me.

Thank you for listening, my admired and esteemed, fuck-buddy.  Now please drop your pants, you shameless sapio-sexual Slut-Goddess! I just know you get all sexy-excited when I whisper sweet, scandalous opinions in your ear.  Right?  Am I right?

FROM: Marissa “Free Spirited” Callahan
TO: Paul Sunstone
SUBJECT: Re: I’m Back Like a Tornado to a Trailer Park!

Swoosh! Pum! <—- the soft sound of pants hitting the floor.

2 thoughts on “The Manner in Which You and I Resonate”

  1. reads with fascination You know, Paul. re: the Bible, you start out with Genesis and instead of picking out something like a talking snake or a magic fruit as questionable you choose ‘God saw the world & judged that it was good” as being the unbelievable thing! haha. Also, you transition to what is the theme of today’s Gospel (in the Roman Catholic calendar, anyway- Luke 6:36-38) which seriously makes me wonder if you (like me) downloaded the Daily Mass Readings onto your e-reader! haha. BUT then I know you’re all off track when you drop a hint that women will be persuaded to drop their pants by a long (albeit stimulating- but not in that way) philosophical discussion! Love you, Paul!


    1. Hmmm…you could be right, Carla. Maybe I should not have lectured my first wife for six hours on the epistemology of carnal knowledge. At least not on our wedding night. Wish you had told me sooner — this theory of yours that women don’t drop their pants for academic lectures. Shocking — but strangely intriguing, too. Love you, too!

      Luke 6:36-38 is one of my favorite passages.

      Liked by 1 person

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