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Humans are Myth-Makers. Always Have Been, Always Will be.

Young people learn so much so fast,  so furiously fast, you’re always surprised how fast they learn not to learn.

They move so fast at first you think they are about to escape the gravity of human nature.  You might even think you see in them the fabled generation.  The generation that is about to show that human nature bends upward, advances, progresses — at least now and then.

The fabled generation.  You might even pay attention to those who speak of an “evolving human consciousness”, and do not mean by that merely cultural advances.  The fabled generation.  The first generation since the legendary Sumerians 5,500 years ago to change, evolve human nature faster than naturally possible.

The fabled generation.  The generation that each generations thinks it is until it grows up enough to realize it is just like every generation before it back to the legendary Sumerian one.

The legendary Sumerians, of course, are a myth.  But then that’s nothing new at all.  Humans are myth-makers. Always have been, always will be.

Every generation learns so much so fast,  so furiously fast, you’re always surprised how fast they learn not to learn.

Not to learn much of anything outside their boxes.  “Look! The walls are brown!”

Every generation starts out fast and furious, then all too fast, learns not to learn.

Yet a few individuals struggle on.  Always a few individuals persevere.

12 thoughts on “Humans are Myth-Makers. Always Have Been, Always Will be.”

    1. So far as I can see Suki, it will always be only a few unless we can somehow vastly raise the general level parenting and education in the world. And that in turn is going to happen only if we who want it to happen can decisively influence politics on all levels. I hate politics, but I am convinced that politics is all too often about preserving the status quo.

      Speaking of parenting, how come you don’t post any tips for good parenting on your blog? Huh? Huh? How come? Is it that you don’t like your readers? Is it you want to see them go through life without any help from you? Is it you are that kind of person? I would not be surprised. Anyone who would mug an old woman in an alley…Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😂😂😂 I told you to keep hush about that! 😂
        I do share my wisdom but generally on blogs I follow & if people are asking for advise… Parenting is so tough & there are less rights or wrongs but more ‘depends on the child & the situation’. Every child is different as I have found out especially because my eldest is autistic, so parenting tips are hard to give… ❤

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      2. Of course, I respect your decision…PFFFT! Suki! I didn’t know you had a PhD? “Piled Higher and Deeper”! Fine kettle of rotting excuses you’ve got there, if you ask me.

        Does my blog look to you like its author thinks humans are interchangeable cogs in an organ grinder’s machine? Does my blog look to you like its author thinks “one-size-fits-all” rules are the way to treat the fact of human diversity and individuality? Does my blog look to you like its author is in any way shy or reticent about offering his views and opinions?

        So what if every kid is different and no single pair of pants fits every kid on earth? Anyone can see you are among the brighter of us morons. Anyone can see you are among the wiser of us fools. Anyone can see you are among the more loving of us poo-flinging apes. Anyone can see you’re almost humane for a church arsonist. You know how to write. If I had kids, I’d trust them with you!

        Of course it’s your call. How could it not be your call? It’s got to be your call. No one has a right to call it for you. Have you called your mother lately? I suspect not!

        All I’m asking is put it somewhere on a back burner to do a few posts humbly offering your advice on a no-strings attached, take it or leave it basis, on the subject of raising a wonderful autistic kid, or a special middle child who maybe hasn’t yet figured out how he’s or she’s special too, or a youngest kid who is trying to grow up too fast to compete with his or her older siblings, or some such angle as you deem fit. That’s all I’m asking. Just mull it over for a month or two.

        That’s what I’d do with a new to me idea! Then again, it’s up to you. Who am I to say what an anti-social serial bank robber should do about performing public services?


    1. That’s an excellent point, Punam! Absolutely excellent. It puts me in mind of the book, “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Khaneman. Have you had a chance to read it?


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