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Does the World Need a Joint Declaration of Progressive Bloggers?

Frankly, political talk these days strikes me as too incestuous to be of much interest.  Too incestuous and too much a matter of gratuitous outrage.  Altogether these days,  it almost always leaves me feeling in need of a shower.

Sometimes, though, it’s necessary.

On the infrequent occasions that I post something directly political, I prefer to discuss politics in the most enduring terms I can, rather than in day to day, moment to moment, terms.  I prefer “The 5,500 year old struggle between elites and non-elites” to “Donald Twitter just now scandalized me”.

Yet, the English blogger, “Bereaved Dad“, recently said something that crystallized a thing or two for me.   He mentioned that everywhere nowadays good and necessary social programs — such as the UK’s National Health Services — are being cut to the bone and/or privatized.

He wasn’t quite as explicit as that, but that was clearly what he was talking about.  The key take away from his remark was “everywhere”.

I think that’s true.  It’s not much of an exaggeration to say it’s happening “everywhere”.  Cutting back — “austerity measures”, as they call them — are gone viral in every country I can offhand think of apart from the weird ones, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

So too has been the push to privatize just about everything.  In the US, that even includes some military roles. The US hires “private contractors” to do some of its soldiering these days.

Near as I can fathom it, it has been going on since the mid or late 1970’s.  Just a bit before Reagan and Thatcher.  And it’s being led by the US and the UK.  Or to be more honest, by selected American and United Kingdom elites.

Of course, let’s not forget Rupert Murdoch.  He only lives in the UK these days, but was born in Australia.  Whatever, the elites have been at it for over 40 years now.

I don’t know whether you agree with me or not.  I only know that if you do agree, then I have a question for you.  Should not we concerned folks fight back a wee bit now and then?

If you think that’s a good idea, then how?  Specifically, do folks who would rather not make a career out of activism still have some way of making an occasional contribution to the cause of creating a better world for themselves, their children, and grandchildren?

Well, I think so.  I think there are many ways for us to do that.  Here, for instance, is one you yourself might consider.  Now and then post something revealing about the eternal struggle between elites and non-elites.

For example:  take some current event and show how it is a manifestation of that struggle.  “Donald Trump has made privatization of the UK’s National Health Services a condition for cutting a trade deal with the UK.  This is yet another chapter in the eternal struggle, etc.”

Do it just once a year, if you can stomach no more than that.  You see, the absolute bare minimum starting line for achieving a better world is to get out the word about what is going on, really going on, beneath the daily news.

Now here’s something I would dearly love to see.  I would dearly love to see someone cook up a brief, concise, and very broadly acceptable, “Joint Declaration of Progressive Bloggers”, that just about ever Progressive blogger could feel comfortable posting on his or her site.

The Declaration, I believe, should be a quiet one.  Nothing too rabble rousing.  Certainly no call to shed the blood of elites.  Just an affirmation that one has committed oneself to now and then doing a bit — or even more than a bit — of getting the word out to the world about what is going on.

Hopefully, some large blog can post it.  A blog big enough that other blogs might follow with reblogs and reposts.  Hopefully, it would catch on.

What do you think?  Good or bad idea?

4 thoughts on “Does the World Need a Joint Declaration of Progressive Bloggers?”

  1. I second the spreading of facts about the current state of America through blogs. It may be a small endeavour, but falsehood outnumbers truth greatly on the internet. To combat that is quite noble in my opinion.

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  2. I think it’s a good idea. I’ve noticed the privatization, too. When we lived in Ohio, the state Republicans were big on that, wanting to privatize everything they could. I agree with Teresums, too, about counteracting the falsehoods. I’ve often wonder why there isn’t some alternative to 4chan and 8chan, where progressives make memes of facts and truths (I hesitate to use “truth” since that can be slippery), but maybe progressives have better things to do than spread their idea of truth far and wide. Or they’re out there and I don’t see them.

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