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Walking With Robin

(About a 2 minute read)

“The morning sunlight, in the spring, bounces off the sconces on the pendulum lights [in my kitchen] and creates a star-like pattern on the ceiling.  It’s a signal that spring has arrived.” — Robin, Breezes at Dawn Blog [Brackets Paul’s].

Anyone wishing to find his or her own true voice — but who is uncertain what that means — would do well to study Robin’s posts on her blog, Breezes at Dawn.

Of course, it is nearly impossible today to express a wholly new idea, especially outside the sciences.  Those who do now and then manage to come up with something even approaching a wholly new idea tend to be keen observers, rather than creative alone.

Robin is quite obviously a keen observer (see above quote), but — offhand — I can’t recall her expressing any more original ideas than the rest of us.  What makes her voice her own are not the ideas she expresses, but the virtually unique and special way in which she expresses them.

In short, her style.

Her avatar is a telling instance of both her originality and, I believe, her wit.  It looks simple enough — a photo of her purple shoes.  But consider it further than just a photo of her shoes.  First, consider it as a subtle, rather witty reference to her passion for photography.  Second, consider it as an equally subtle and witty reference to her passion for long daily walks in nature.

Of course, I am not saying Robin consciously set up all those meanings to her avatar.  But when has any artist consciously set up all the meanings to his or her work?  Great art is almost by definition as much a creation of the unconscious mind as the conscious mind.

Her avatar is only one instance of how Robin has created a voice as unique and her own as is humanly possible.

In my opinion, her most recent post is one of her best and can be found here, along with the rest of her blog.  If you will, linger a bit on her post — much as if you were lingering now and then during a strolling walk with Robin through nature.

Oh, and when you check her out to see what she can offer you, please by no means overlook the Robin that makes a sustained effort to practice living well as a graceful and beautiful art.

2 thoughts on “Walking With Robin”

  1. Oh wow. Thank you so much, Paul. I’m not sure how to respond other than with gratitude. And without lawyers. lol! The only lawyer I know is my daughter-in-law and she’d think me crazy for wanting to sue over what is essentially high praise. Thank you, again.

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