Gotta Know! Don, I Gotta Know!

DON: Hello?

PAUL: Don! Gotta know!  If you were a tortoise, how many hares would you want to outrun each day?  Seriously!

DON: Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe…Wait! Why am I trying to answer this question again?

PAUL:  First how many hares?  Then I can tell you.  Seriously!  How many hares?

DON:  Ok, six. Six hares.  Now spill it!  Why are you asking this?

PAUL:  YES! SIX!  Don, that’s the very same, the exact same number of hares I myself would want to outrun if I were a tortoise!

DON:  Ok. Alright. Alright. But why are you asking?

PAUL:  Are you saying you don’t find the question intrinsically interesting?  I’ve been thinking about it for 50 minutes now.  Fascinating question, don’t you think?  Absolutely a fascinating question!  And the answers, Don!  Out of an infinite number of possibilities, what are odds of our having picked the very same number of hares? Imagine the statisticians faces when I pub…  …  Don?  Are you still there, Don?  Don!  Don, your phone broke…again!

9 thoughts on “Gotta Know! Don, I Gotta Know!”

    1. That’s pretty cool. Just curious, but do you have a thing for the number 12? I do. Anything related to 12 — like 6 — I just love. It all stems back to my reading a mathematician years ago who pointed out how useful 12 is.

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      1. Loser. You should, you know. Twelve is a much more versatile and useful number than ten. You’re probably one of those chauvinists, though. One of those people who think ten is the be-all and end-all numbers. It figures you would be. It just figures. I’ve got your number, Marysa. I’ve got your number. 😀


  1. I’m glad you don’t have MY phone number! haha. Not that I ever answer my phone anyway. I have an uneasy relationship with my phone. I’m sort of like the tortoise to it’s hare.

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  2. I’ve just gotta say…I love what your blog stands for! I discovered it recently and think your content is authentic and I just like the idea of an “internet cafe” as you describe it in your catch phrase. Sounds pretty chill 🙂

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