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Café Philos: A Blog Dedicated to the Joy and Adventure of Thinking

Dear Beloved Reader,

Just listen to these wonderful testimonials by long-term, loyal readers of Café Philos (names have been changed in respect of privacy):

“Reading Paul’s opinions almost every day for years has made me thirsty for more — more alcohol.  Ever harder and more alcohol.”  — Carla.  <— real name.

“The poems and essays on Café Philos are typically fascinating and even enthralling.  Reading Paul’s views and opinions is like watching a train wreck — the sheer horror of witnessing his thinking fascinates. Enthralls.”  — Robin.   <— real name.

“In each of his innumerable blog posts, Paul is never afraid to go face to face with boredom and top boredom at its own game. Top it every time.”  — Isabella.  <— real name.

“Paul who?  Oh, that Paul!  The one who — get this! — the one who claims to have three fulsome inches of… Oh dear! I’m laughing too hard, aren’t I?” — Jane.  <— real name.

As you can see, long-term, loyal readers of Café Philos agree:  Ted (name changed to protect Paul’s privacy) is the most fascinating, engaging, and — yes — thrilling author (of Café Philos) on the internet today!

Indeed, Ted makes constant efforts to improve his reader’s experiences and has even quite recently spiffed up his blog slogan!  The new slogan is: “Dedicated to the Joy and Adventure of Thinking”.  Ted feels his new slogan better gets at the essence of his blog’s mission than did his old slogan, “For a good time, call 1-900-SEXWITHPAUL”.

Just so you know.

Check out the newly updated sidebar for more information!

4 thoughts on “Café Philos: A Blog Dedicated to the Joy and Adventure of Thinking”

  1. Haha. I always look forward to your posts, Paul, and I miss you when you disappear! You have an astoundingly deep well of experience, wisdom and knowledge and the ability and talent to write it out. An amazing combination. Now pass the brandy. smirk


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