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The Trade-Off

“The fewer the words, the more they punch.

“The fewer the words, the less anyone hears something new.

“Two hundred and eighty-eight characters are for those who would repeat to me what is already in my head.

“Economize when telling me what I already know, but speak whatever volumes you must to show me new worlds.”

— Paul Sunstone (I have spoken, your turn now).

9 thoughts on “The Trade-Off”

  1. I like the 4th quote. However, you may or may not (or don’t know if) you’re telling folks something they already know. As a writer, one must always be thinking of the economy of one’s words. You have a good sense for succinctness, Paul, as I hope I do.

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  2. I haven’t the patience for too many words, but I’m not a Twitter fan either. My posts are usually 200 words or less – typically in verse. Today’s post is in prose, but still under 280. I said all I needed to say. You be the judge. (Leave them wanting more😉)

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  3. I like the last quote. I’m a bibliophile and a logophile. 🙂 When someone uses words well, they can use as many as they want! There aren’t as many people willing to read them, so I always feel it’s a little secret treat for those who are!

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