What is a “Feeling”?

KATHERINE: Can we talk?  I want to know how you two guys really feel about us women.  What do you really feel about us?

NICK: Well…I’d have to think…

KATHERINE: Not think, what do you feel?

NICK: Oh!  Yeah, well I don’t tell her this often enough but I feel gratitude, real gratitude when my girlfriend gets me a beer so I won’t miss any plays while I’m watching the Rams.

PAUL:  I’m celibate as you both know, but I find Nick’s testimony and witness deeply resonates with how I have felt in the distant past about my first wife’s sandwiches.  I can recall the very first sandwich she ever made for me just like it was yesterday…

KATHERINE:  I’m serious!  I’m really serious.  Can’t you talk about your feelings?

NICK:  Sure!  Feelings.  Got it.  Is a fart a feeling?

PAUL:  I’m pretty sure they are, Nick.  Farts move deep inside you.  People say feelings are things that move deep inside you.  It’s a no brainer, Nick.

KATHERINE: I’m outta here!  Don’t let me see either one of you for a week.  Not for a week, or you’re dead!  You hear?  I’m gone!

NICK: Was it something we said, Paul?

PAUL;  Yeah, I think it must have been.  I think she must not be a Rams fan.

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