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The Impossible Has Become Possible!

Dear Esteemed Readers and Teresums,

The impossible has become possible!

Indeed, the impossible has gone beyond that.

The impossible has become…has happened!

Namely, I have made a mistake.  I have have messed up.  And it is not even Teresums’ fault this time. For once, it is not her fault.

I have been recommending Tom Robbins novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues to you for a couple weeks now.  I must now do a complete flip-flop and urge you to approach the novel with caution, if at all.

Here’s what happened.  My memory failed me.  And I failed to properly double-check the rascal — that is, my memory — in order to be sure it wasn’t failing me.

As it happens, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues is a deeply flawed novel.  I should have remembered that, because — now that it’s all coming back to me — I had some serious questions about it when I read it 40 years ago.  But over time I only retained the good parts, the positive things about the novel, and not the things that had once caused me pause.

I tend to do the same with people.  Over time, I remember their strengths and forget their weaknesses.  Unless, of course, their weakness is to cast aspersions on my extraordinary good looks.  Somethings are truly unforgettable — and unforgivable.

Over the course of 40 years I forgot all about Robbins’ juvenile characterization of female sexuality and only recalled his magnificent treatment of being true to ourselves.

As you might recall, I offered the novel as a prize to the winners of my random drawing.  Tonight I conducted the drawing.  I know I said there would be two winners, but some events led me to decide there would be three winners instead.

However, I then thought to refresh my memory of Cowgirls at the very last minute before ordering the books.  Bummer! Shock! Bummer!

So I have emailed the three winners of free copies of his novel, given them the “news”, and encouraged them to pick out a different novel of their choice.

What really chagrins me about all this is that in recent years I have tried to form a habit of double-checking my facts, and I was under the impression until today that I was succeeding in getting into that habit.  But why didn’t Teresums remind me to double-check my memory of Cowgirls?  I shall be having words with her.

And the winners are:




Each shall receive a copy of any book of their choice from Amazon up to $20 US.  A small surprise book will also be included in the shipment — since I like to surprise people.  And of course, autographed pics of me blogging in the nude.

10 thoughts on “The Impossible Has Become Possible!”

  1. Now I’m confused! Also, I’m more than ever curious to read the book. Your cycle of promotion/disparagement intrigues me. Also, concerning this: ” Over time, I remember their strengths and forget their weaknesses.” here are my strengths, stated so that you may be sure to remember. Three will do. Repeat after me: “Carla: creative, hard-working, pious.” Paul, what three strengths would you like to be remembered for? (I’ve got my notebook ready to scratch them down).

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      1. Thanks for asking, Paul. Creative because creativity brings the most joy to my life. Hard working because I take so much pride in work that I do, whether it be making dinner or serving my patients and co-workers at my job. Pious because I believe, I adore, I love and place all my hope in God. In my humility I exercise faith in my church and I follow its tenets to the best of my ability.

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